MartinaPP's Articles en-us Wooden houses, doubts and worries about an house edge Wooden houses are clearly leading type of home but is still a lot of concern despite their use is widespread in other countries outside of Italy. Despite this growing number of Italian companies are dealing with these products and offering not only housin... 19th September 2011 Metal roofs: the new frontiers for the energy efficiency of houses The metal roofing for large buildings that are an ideal solution for both efficiency and maintenance, since they are very resistant and can also enhance the buildings from the aesthetic point of view. A tangible example of their application has had la... 31st May 2011 Save money at home: the role of windows! When you’re thinking about your new house, or about the restyling of your actual house, it is very important to pay attention and focus to the energy efficiency to avoid the waste of energy. When you’re thinking about your new house, or about the restyli... 12th May 2011 Underground tanks, saving space and optimizing resources Being able to save too much and do not clutter up the fuel so they can optimize the cost is sometimes very difficult especially when you do not have the systems and structures to do so. A very used until a few years ago to conserve fuel or other useful ... 03rd May 2011 Police: an Italian way of dress Italy is notorious one of the European countries that have the higher number of person employed in police, a military force that has in this country an important story and a particular way of dress.Historically in the Italian Republic there are 8 categori... 19th April 2011 Housing fair 2011 in Italy: a moment for meeting and grow It will take 24 to 27 March 2011 at the Exhibition Building Ente Fiera Promoberg in Bergamo, a fair that will be seeking an ambitious goal to uplift the industry through innovation and green building. The Fair Housing back, after the success of the 2010... 30th March 2011 Green house, an utopia or a real possibility? Green house is one of the fetish of this millennium, a type of object to research ideally but, particularly in Italy, is not really stimulated with attention to the peculiar characteristics of regional and national trade. Starting from the beginning, or ... 29th March 2011 Carnival sweets: a good reason to start cooking! Among the Italian delicacies and sweets to secure a seat be reserved for exceptional sweets in general and especially those that mark the passage of time and holidays. How can we not mention the traditional Italian sweets or cake, pandoro, Cassata Sicil... 21st March 2011 Internet and teenagers: an impossible control? Internet and children is one of the issues that raises the most interest here and much more experienced communicators always to understand what are the psychological and communicative processes that come into play when it comes to dynamic "virtual". Fort... 21st March 2011 Legno & Edilizia: the Italian event for green building and woodworking Will be held between Thursday 17 March and Sunday 20 March the seventh edition of the biennial landmark even for green building and woodwork in Italy: Legno&Edilizia, literary Wood and Buildings. Inside the prestigious ski fair in Verona, VeronaFiere, th... 17th March 2011 Technology and beauty: the new horizons of cosmetic surgery Cosmetic surgery is increasingly seen as one of the areas of medicine that affected many innovations and they are virtually continuous innovations and developments. One of the areas in which research and testing goes well always has to do with predi... 17th March 2011 James Bond, Charlie's Angels .. Wikileaks and the charm of espionage! Always been the pursuit of knowledge, especially in the military and political means has served as espionage or the use of technologies to steal information. Are testimony to the recent events concerning the Russian spy Anna Chapman and everything tha... 07th March 2011 The secret of eternal youth is in the nature! When it comes to old age, wrinkles obligations, years pass and the signs of aging cliché that women want to panic and try to limit the visible damage to the passing of time. Not so the situation given the recent statistics of investment and direction of... 02nd March 2011 Up and down through Italy searching the Carnival’s tastes! The Italian culinary tradition is notoriously full of excellence confirmed by the enormous mass of registered products and imitations that in every corner of the world people tried to do. In addition to the products themselves there are also numerou... 22nd February 2011 The savings starts from the green building One of the words that marked the first decade of the 2000s is certainly "integration." A word used and sometimes abused in all areas, from communication to the network, from moving to construction. Just in the later sector integration has assumed particu... 20th December 2010 Vertical Garden: The Green Revolution It was built the first vertical garden in Italy an example of green architecture and a real revolution for itself and for the energy saving. A great mix through innovative projects and botanical studies. Developed from an original and intuitive idea of... 26th November 2010 Pollution: the solution is in the green building Have been published a few days ago the annual report data on pollution among various cities in Italy compiled by the Italian green association Legambiente.This year on the podium of the cleanest cities were ranked the city of Belluno, Verbania and Parma a... 02nd November 2010 Fashion and Food When it comes to food many times one thinks the world of fashion is often referred to as the bringer of stereotypes and negative educational impact unhealthy. In recent years however there have been many campaigns for good and balanced diet and effort... 06th October 2010 Ecology at school! Are still decades that all the media, authorities and industry experts profess just need to pay increasingly look towards renewable energy sources but also to communicate this vision to small. Many blogs suggest that ecology as a means to transmit to c... 28th September 2010