Refreshmedspa's Articles en-us Juvederm for a youthful appearance As we age, wrinkles and lines start to appear because our skin starts losing its elasticity. If you want to retain younger looking skin, use Juvederm, hyaluronic acid dermal filler that rejuvenates skin. There are some things we simply don't have contr... 19th May 2011 Effective Wrinkle Treatment Facial wrinkles can be addressed in several ways. Temporary but effective correction can be achieved with Retinoids, microdermabrasion, chemical peels Botox Cosmetic and dermal fillers. These treatments are available at Refresh Medspa in Stockton, Califor... 04th August 2010 Various methods of wrinkle reduction available in Stockton & Lodi Many factors such as age, heredity, gravity, sun damage and muscle action contribute to the formation of wrinkles in the human body. There are several methods available for the reduction of wrinkles including laser treatments Botox injections dermal fille... 24th June 2010