TechSneha's Articles en-us Top 10 Bollywood Celebrity Hairstyles of 2010-10-07 Bollywood rules the fashion industry more often than not. Apart from the dressing, the hairstyles portrayed by the actors set the trend among public. Usually, a look at all Bollywood actressesí hair is more or less the same, but with a little cut here and... 13th June 2011 Makeup Rules - Don't Let Makeup Disasters Strike You! Any occasion or festival calls for you to dress and look your best. If you do not look good you will only feel bad and completely out of place. On the other hand dressing up well will give you the confidence to pull you through. To help you look gorgeous ... 08th March 2011 Tips On How to Produce The Best Ads Do you often worry that your advertisements and commercials do not look as good as they could? Do you also worry that your ads are not able to attract as much customers as you wish they could? If you have been unsuccessful in producing your best ads so ... 11th February 2011 Skin Care Tips For a Beautiful Face Taking care of your facial skin is important since this is the first feature that people notice. Even before they notice the color on your nails and the color of you clothes, they look at your face. It is therefore important that you not only keep your sk... 04th February 2011 Perfumes - Exuberant Aroma When you think of smell, the first thought that comes to mind is food and flower. However, have you ever thought of what makes the opposite sex get attracted to you? What is it that drives you away from people while in a swarming train or bus? It could be... 24th January 2011 India Diet For several years it has been recognized that south Asians have certain unique clinical and biochemical characteristics that make them susceptible to obesity .These are collectively referred to as the South Asian Phenotype. Asians have a unique body pheno... 07th July 2010