pressbrief's Articles en-us Rajiv Gandhi saksharta Pariyojna, a milestone in educating India RGCT's intervention in this area is Rajiv Gandhi Saksharta Pariyojana which covers over 150,000 children under the largest non-government literacy programme currently run in any district of India. Rajiv Gandhi Saksharta Pariyojana The programme's visi... 05th August 2010 Healthcare initiatives under Rajiv Gandhi charitable trust (RGCT) RGCT's healthcare interventions include the Indira Gandhi Eye Hospital & Research Centres, and the Rajiv Gandhi Arogya Yojna. Indira Gandhi Eye Hospital & Research Centres Inadequate development of human resources and infrastructure in UP has resulted i... 05th August 2010 Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojna(rgmvp)- commited to build the institutions of tomorrow The first step in the building of institutions of the poor is the formation of the women's SHGs through the process of social mobilisation. RGMVP provides facilitation support and an enabling environment that ensures that every SHG gains access to microfi... 05th August 2010 Training Centres for Capacity Building under Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojna(rgmvp) RGMVP runs five permanent training centres located at Jais, Jagatpur, Lalganj, Deeh- Raebareli and Munshiganj-Sultanpur. These centres impart skill-based training to poor women at nominal or no cost, so that they can find new livelihoods or enhance existi... 04th August 2010 Community based environment initiative by RGMVP Thousand of homes across the Programme area still use non-renewable sources such as kerosene, coal or wood for lighting purposes. The harmful impacts of this on health are many -- breathing problems due to smoke and eye sight weakness due to dim light - a... 04th August 2010 RGMVP’s initiative in the field of education commendable Education is a cause for concern in the RGMVP's Programme area. State-wide, according to the 2001 census, the literacy rate is 57.36 percent while the female literacy rate is 42.2 percent. These figures are far lower for rural areas in which RGMVP works. ... 04th August 2010 Innovative livelihood techniques being used at Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojna(RGMVP) RGMVP's Livelihood Enhancement initiative is built on the Micro Credit Planning (MCP) process through which each rural household can plan its finances through a participatory method based on the following principles: 1. Income must increase 2. Expenditu... 04th August 2010 An exemplary example of Community based health care – RGMVP RGMVP works in an area of Uttar Pradesh that has some of the lowest Human Development Indices in the country. There is lack of health education, prevalence of chronic diseases like tuberculosis, diarrhoea, etc, and reproductive health problems such as hig... 04th August 2010 Raebareli on the path to progress, thanking Gandhi family Reabareli is witnessing all round development under the guidance of Congress President Sonia Gandhi. It is not limited to roads and educational institutes only. There are numerous projects running in this area, which are making huge impact on the lifestyl... 03rd August 2010 Raebareli thanks Sonia Gandhi for the development In last five years, there had been historical change in the quality of road running through the area. The condition of roads in Uttar Pradesh is worst and it was same in Raebareli. However, due to the efforts of Congress President there has been reasonabl... 03rd August 2010 The Gandhi’s and the Raebareli : a continuity maintained by Sonia Gandhi Though, Sonia Gandhi actively involved herself with public life after her husband Rajiv Gandhi became Congress General Secretary and contesed election from Amethi parliamentary segment in 1981. When bodygourds of Indira Gandhi opened fire at her, lead... 03rd August 2010 The Gandhi’s and the Raebareli : The era of Indira Gandhi Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi : Indira Gandhi,the iron lady and the first ever female Prime Minister of India till date, was born in the hosue of Nehrus on November 19, 1917 in Allahabad.Her fatther Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru was one of the prominet leaders o... 03rd August 2010 The Gandhi’s and the Raebareli : The era of Feroze Gandhi Feroze Gandhi was an Visionary politician and journalist. Feroze Gandhi was born in Mumbai on 12 August 1912 into a Parsi family. He was the son of Jehangir Gandhi and Ratimai. He moved to Allahabad early on and attended the City Anglo-Vernacular High S... 03rd August 2010 Sonia Gandhi development initiatives in Amethi The Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust (RGCT) was established in 2002 to commemorate and take forward the vision of Rajiv Gandhi - India's former Prime Minister - for the country. The Trust, a registered, non-profit institution, was set up by his wife Mrs Soni... 03rd August 2010 Kerala is a state with many timeless traditions: Sonia Gandhi August 8, 2009, Alleppey(Kerala) Congress President Sonia Gandhi was in Kerala to inaugurate 57th Nehru Trophy boat race ceremony. While addressing peope and numerous contenstants of the boat race in Alleppey(Kerala), she praised the composite culutre... 03rd August 2010 REMEMBERING RAJIV GANDHI (PART 4 of 4) VO To ensure Youth participation in the political system of the country, his government lowered the age of voting from 21 to 18. BYTE Rajiv Gandhi "Unemployment is the problem of most young people in India and so we have brought down the age of votin... 22nd July 2010 REMEMBERING RAJIV GANDHI (PART 3 of 4) VO In this set up of Panchayti Raj, every strata of society got equal opportunities. Today every level of society is a participant in the process of progress. Today India has a strong standing in the field of Information Technology throughout the globe ... 22nd July 2010 REMEMBERING RAJIV GANDHI (PART 1 of 4) MONTAGE Voice Over starts 21 May 1991 Sri Perumbudur was rocked by a blast. Suicide attacker had succeeded in their evil motives. They snatched away Rajivji from us and the progressive movement of a developing nation was brought to a screeching halt. T... 22nd July 2010 The power is in your hands, the day you will realize this, a change will take place :Priyanka Gandhi 23 April 2007 , Raebareli Brothers and Sisters, you all know the relation of my family with Rae Bareli. There was a time when Indiraji was your MP. Then for some years no one from my family contested from this seat. Then you supported Soniaji and she won... 19th July 2010 Rahul is like a fresh breeze, different from other leaders who only talk about caste and religion 23 April 2007 , Unnao "Political parties in Uttar Pradesh play politics of revenge, they are talking about taking revenge. But we are more concerned about development. I think only about how to develop and how to work for the welfare of the people," Rahu... 19th July 2010 Rahul Gandhi at a Press conference in Kanker (Chattisgarh) Generally jo impression mujhe Orissa mein laga, ki jo tribal areas hain, kaafi cut-off hain, un tak government ke programs nahin pahunchte hain. Jaisa Orissa mein laga, waisa yahan laga. Mera impression hai- Orissa mein bhi yahi impression tha, yahan bhi... 19th July 2010 Sonia Gandhi as NAC chairperson; further consolidation of ‘aam admi’ base in governance March 29 , 2010 For spearheading the Congress-led the UPA's political strategy for consolidating its ‘aam admi' base, the National Advisory Council (NAC) has been revived with Congress President Sonia Gandhi again as its chairperson, four years after s... 18th July 2010 Youth use social networking to wish Rahul Gandhi on Birthday Rahul Gandhi might have celebrated his birthday on June the 19th , but a look at his fan clubs on popular social networking sites tell us that the craze just doesn't die. In a competition to wish Rahul in the best way possible Youngsters have used words ... 18th July 2010 Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s Closing Address at CM's Meeting, Srinagar 31-05-2003 31-05-2003 Friends: Yet another meeting of the Congress Chief Ministers Council has come and gone by. We have reviewed and reflected on our performance. We have renewed our commitment to the people through a reaffirmation of Congress Ka Haath, Garib K... 18th July 2010 Congress President Sonia Gandhi addressing at CPP General Body Meeting on 18/ 2/ 2003 18 February 2003 Fellow MPs and Colleagues: We go into the Budget session in the background of the extraordinarily tense situation in West Asia. This region is vital to our country not only because of our long historical, cultural and political links, n... 16th July 2010 Every individual is the strength of this nation and we have to groom this strength : Rahul Gandhi 8 oct 2009 Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing an election rally at Panvel in Raigarha district of Maharashtra, appealed to vote for Congress-NCP alliance for the welfare of common man. He said that people of Maharashtra have two opt... 14th July 2010 The power of youth can change the things, it’s not as tough as you think : Rahul Gandhi 2 April 2007 "Rise above caste and religion, then only the society can develop. Future is in your hands, we are with you and we will work for you", said Rahul Gandhi, while addressing a corner meeting at Elite Chowk in Lalitpur. "The power of youth ca... 14th July 2010 UP elections are no semi-final or final, question is the development of UP 20 March 2007 , Moradabad(UP) The much successful three -day road show of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi came to an end on Tuesday. The road show not only bolstered the chances of Congress Party but also sent a positive signal in the party cadres. Wherever ... 14th July 2010 There is only one big issue in India and that issue is prevailing poverty says Rahul Gandhi 10 oct 2009, Ballabgarh(Haryana) Targetting lofty ideologies of opposition parties at an election rally in October 2009 in Haryana's Ballabgarh, Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi asserted that Congress talks of common man, while other political out... 14th July 2010 During floods in Bihar, your government did not play its role honestly : Rahul Gandhi 1 April 2009 Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing an election rally in Aurangabad said "The opposition parties don't even try to understand the real issues of the poor people. They are more interested in the stock market, privatizatio... 12th July 2010 I will stand by the last poor of my country says Rahul Gandhi 13 April 2009 Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi appealed to people of Kerala to strengthen the hands of Congress Party. Addressing a poll rally in Palakkad (Kerala), Mr. Gandhi said that Congress party has worked for the poor people of this country... 12th July 2010 We have shown to the rest of the world that we are capable of doing anything: Rahul Gandhi 17 April 2009 Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing a rally in Bangalore said that during the last five years India had progressed fast and Bangalore was the best example for it. He said that the growth of Karnataka and India has impac... 12th July 2010 India will shine only when every poor will shine : Rahul Gandhi 16 April 2009 Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing a rally in Machalipatnam(AP) said that the UPA government at Centre had done a lot for the Poor, Dalits and Backwards of this country. He said that his party will not say that India i... 12th July 2010 NDA is working for rich people while the UPA is concerned about poor people, this is the difference 28 April 2009 Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing his second rally in Gujarat at Limdi (Dahod) criticized the BJP government in the state and said that it had failed to protect the interests of poor people. He said, "We have sent cr... 12th July 2010 Rahul Gandhi urges youth for overall change to develop Bihar PATNA, February 02, 2010. India belongs to all Indians and all parts of India are for all Indians, reiterated Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi and criticized narrow politics of vested interest groups in Mumbai. He was addressing media persons at... 12th July 2010 Rahul means, R for Responsible, A for Active, H for Honest, U for Up to date and L for libertarian 9 April 2007 A poster at Hapur read like this---Rahul means, R for Responsible, A for Active, H for Honest, U for Up to date and L for libertarian. It spoke more than thousand words. The posters were being flashed by youngsters of the area. "The Gan... 09th July 2010 I am not alone; the youth of the state are with me: Rahul Gandhi 10th April 2007 "I am not alone; the youth of the state are with me. And we will together work for the development of the state. I want to tell my opponents that I am here to stay and am not going anywhere. I, along with, the youth of the state will driv... 09th July 2010 “The British Minister wanted to know the real strength of India. I took him to villages.” – Ra Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing an election rally at Latehar said that this election too is an election between two ideologies similar to the recently held Loksabha elections. The one ideology talks of aam aadmi, the poor, Dalits ... 09th July 2010 Sonia Gandhi ,Prime minister gift Terminal 3 to the nation 3 july 2010 , New Delhi UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday inaugurated the Indira Gandhi International Airport's newly structured Terminal 3. With this, IGI Airport becomes India's largest and the 5th largest Inter... 09th July 2010 My agenda is how I ensure that as many bright and young people come into politics : Rahul Gandhi On second day of his UttarPradesh visit, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi interacted with the media . He started his interaction with an opening remark, "As in rest of the states, Youth Congress and the NSUI is going through the elections and same ... 07th July 2010 Indiraji visited Kashmir three days before her assassination: Sonia Gandhi 28 Oct 2009, Anantnag(J&K) Congress President Sonia Gandhi on the occasion of inauguration ceremony of Ananatnag- Qazigund railway line said that Indiraji had had too much affection for the people of Kashmir. "She visited Kashmir just 3-days before her a... 07th July 2010 The youth will empower themselves in the Youth Congress. I am catalyst says Rahul Gandhi 25 November 2009 In an interactive session with media at Jaipur said that he is in Rajasthan with one focus to strengthen Youth Congress and NSUI. Elaborating on his role he called himself a 'catalyst' and at the age of 39 found himself old enough to be ... 07th July 2010 Rahul Gandhi , we are with you..always Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi has a long list of admirers and when the admirer belong to the class of an advocate, its relevance multiplies. "Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi is the future of India" This is the recent comment passed by ... 07th July 2010 Pakistan’s comparison with India a misfit : Rahul Gandhi 13 October 2009 With far-reaching impact in fast evolving multi-lateral diplomacy among the nations, Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi in a very hard-hitting, yet subtle, tone said Pakistan could not be compared with a great country like India. ... 07th July 2010 We are opening the doors of politics for youth : Rahul Gandhi January 18 2010, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi begins two-day tour of Madhya Pradesh and launches membership drive for NSUI.While interacting with student in Gwalior he said.... "Do not join politics simply for fulfilling your ownexpectation... 07th July 2010