Srinivas Sakhare's Articles en-us Virtual Mobile Application – A boom to independent ventures Virtual mobile number – Voice SMS – bulk SMS Do you often face the problems associated with solitary proprietorship? Now eliminate all your worries and access the benefits of Virtual phone application. The finest step to boost up your venture is to achie... 10th March 2011 Text Messaging – An Innovative Method to Upgrade Your Business Bulk texting – text messaging – two way messaging This world of advanced technology urges the corporate owners to switch over to innovative method of business promotion such as trade text messaging. This form of marketing offers the business owners to st... 10th March 2011 SMS Long Code Services - Cost Effective Method of Communication SMS long code services – SMS short codes – Voice broadcasting The SMS long code services are principally designed for gathering huge traffic, generating new leads and receiving timely responses from the recipients. The long codes assigned to the subscrib... 07th March 2011 Transform your business through SMS solutions Mobile phones have now become an important part of technology these days and with the changing times; it has joined the league of marketing as well. SMS marketing is the most advanced form of advertising these days because it is accessible, quick and affo... 21st January 2011 The most inexpensive and best umbrella of SMS marketing With the growing popularity of SMS marketing, many software services are coming in the market. This makes the entire process of sending and receiving messages easier and simpler. Mobile marketing is a wide umbrella which has multiple applications like bul... 18th January 2011 SMS messaging service – The most versatile form of marketing Mobile phones are no more a luxury, which is why it has emerged as the most powerful and versatile marketing tool. SMS messaging service helps businesses increase their customer base and is also a great way to advertise certain products and services. Toda... 17th January 2011 Bulk SMS Software for a Successful Business For any business, SMS marketing is the best way to promote the products and services offered by the business. Gone are the days when businesses used to rely on traditional media to sell their products, however now most of the marketers prefer to do this t... 11th January 2011 The New Milestones of SMS Since its inception in the 1940s, mobile communication has brought a renaissance in telecommunication. Though it started as a mode of real time voice communication from anywhere and everywhere, mobile phones have gradually changed the way people communica... 05th January 2011 Modern Day SMS: Short Code SMS and Bulk SMS The mobile telecom industry has changed the way the world communicates. The revolution that it had initiated in the 1940s, reached new heights with the invention of the Short Messaging Service some 17 years ago. Since then Short Messaging Service, an easy... 04th January 2011 SMS Revolutionised The world has shrunk to a great degree so far as communicating with one another is concerned. With technology and scientific inventions reaching new heights every day, people separated by continents between them no longer perceive distance to be a problem... 28th December 2010 Take the business to new height with premium SMS services SMS marketing is boon for most of the businesses and it will be a smart move by the marketers to include it as part of their marketing strategy. Around 2.4 billion subscribers know how to use SMS and this gives a great opportunity to the marketers to leve... 22nd December 2010 Adopt bulk text messaging to reach out to the target faster than before Large businesses cannot succeed without smart marketing strategies and in today’s time nothing can beat the importance of SMS marketing. Mobile marketing offers superb applications to the business owners so that they can stand strong in the competition. B... 21st December 2010 Bulk SMS software makes the business easier and simpler An exceptional approach to the business is what all marketers need today to outshine the ever growing competition and with this thing in mind, only bulk SMS software can be your business savior. Time and money are two essential aspects of any business and... 23rd November 2010 Get the business done faster through SMS applications Of late SMS marketing has emerged as the most profitable and innovative business tool and the number of applications offered by this form of marketing can take your business to new heights. One of the most widely used applications is SMS gateway through w... 23rd November 2010 Text Savvy India Resorts To Bulk SMS Post liberalization period has been mighty favorable for the Indian mobile industry. Since then, India has been witnessing a huge momentum on the front of network providers. Last decade saw a great surge in the mobile users. Where the calls have increased... 13th July 2010 Short SMS Takes On The Big Corporate World The trend of bulk SMS has gained momentum. With more and more corporate giants taking to SMS advertising route, Bulk SMS has become the next-big-thing in the industry. Many industry mongers believe that it is its economical streak and fast reach which has... 08th July 2010 Mobile More than Just a Gadget to Make Calls There was a time when mobile phones were restricted to making phone calls. Cut to 2010, when mobile phones have shunned the humble image to take on the avatar of being a necessity rather than a comfort. There are a host of softwares and features in a mobi... 30th June 2010