Samantha Stephens's Articles en-us Importance of Foreground in Professional Photoshoot Great photography communicates an emotion. All parts of an image contribute to the emotion and if any aspect does not play a role in the emotion, it should be detached from the image. It is the foreground that sets the mood of a picture. There are variou... 04th January 2011 How To Hook The Best Photographer In Town It’s a known fact that too many cook spoil the broth and photography is no exception. In the age of digital photography, people take snapshots every now and then. The result is quite obvious. Very few photographs do posses the excellence. Once you've deci... 12th October 2010 Capture The True Human Emotion With A Professional Photographer Whenever you have seen photos with eyes closed or with a tired face you must have felt disappointed. Blame it on photographer’s lack of patience. People change their expressions with mood. Aware of this fact, good photographers wait for the subject to rev... 12th October 2010 Reflect Your Lifestyle Through Lifestyle Photography A picture is worth a thousand words. In an appealing and artistic way images speak volumes. It frames people with an improved and affluent life experience. Lifestyle is a way of life reflecting a person's behavior, social relations, lifestyle, dress etc. ... 12th October 2010 The Essence of Professional Photography Heard of one of the latest venture photography trends? With the world going gaga for venture photography, how can photography in Norfolk be left behind? Needless to say, every picture has a story to tell and venture photography is no exception. But to cap... 31st August 2010