mari's Articles en-us Disney On Ice TOY STORY 3 winners Of Movieguide Awards Gala Toy Story 3 was among the big winners at this year’s Movieguide Awards Gala. It topped the list of family-friendly films. Disney and Pixar heavily marketed across different demographics. Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3 on skates will be presented through Sunda... 04th March 2011 Mary Poppins North American Tour Boston has announced its upcoming 2011 Broadway touring season. 25 award winner Broadway Mary Poppins will be performed at Boston Opera House from 17th of February to 20th of March. In February the world’s most famous nanny will arrive at Boston Opera The... 18th February 2011 Les Miserables Student Version Students from many Northern California schools will perform in Les Miserables. The school edition will be performed on 4rth, 5th and 6th of February at Spreckels Performing Arts Center. This Les Miserables is the student version of Broadway smash, which e... 17th February 2011 The Merchant of Venice With Al Pacino Shylock, the famous moneylender character from the Shakespeare’s controversial novel “The Merchant of Venice” is famous for his odd condition to take pound of flesh from Antonio’ body if he does not return his money on the decided date. Since the theatric... 21st December 2010 Phantom Of The Opera Is One Of The Most Successful The Phantom of the Opera is one of the most successful plays in the history of Broadway but unfortunately it is saying goodbye to the Broadway lovers after almost two decades of mesmerizing worldwide audiences with their incredible cast and unforgettable ... 11th November 2010 Lion King Of The Cadillac Palace After almost half a decade the Lion King is making a comeback to lion king Denver for a limited time period of 7 weeks at the venue of the Cadillac Palace Theater. It is without doubt amongst the biggest musical hits that have been released in the past de... 03rd November 2010 Wicked Comes in Barbara Gaines There is something wicked that comes across in Barbara Gaines' operatic debut. In fact there is not just something but a whole lot of wicked in the respective Verdi's version that is an adaptation of Bard's "Scottish play" which had been an appropriate ch... 19th October 2010 Wicked Tour Headphones Numerous kinds and types of headphones of different prices are available in the market today but not all of the come with the features of good looks, affordability, and good sound in the same package. Nowadays I am checking out the latest pair of headpho... 11th October 2010 The Lion King Disney's The Lion King Disney's popular animated movie titled THE LION KING has set a new box office record at the Madison during its four-week premiere that had concluded on Sunday on the 23rd of May. THE LION KING is to date the highest grossing theatrical produ... 08th June 2010 West End The Musical Wicked This West End musical titled Wicked has another new character in the form of the Wicked Witch of the East played by the actress named Cassandra Compton. The respective actress has begun playing the role of the character Nessarose at the venue of the Apoll... 08th June 2010 Shrek the musical broadway Not much can be said about how much a decade can change a kingdom. Like the kingdom in Shrek called Far Far Away. The hero of the play is Shrek who has done everything. Not only has he been brave enough to challenge an evil dragon but he also managed to s... 02nd June 2010 The Musical Mamma Mia The Musical Mamma Mia has recently been setting several box office records all across the globe. It has been the centre of attention and has achieved much critical acclaim and has managed to gather a fanatical cult following. The producers who have produc... 14th May 2010