kellyprice1225's Articles en-us Use Biodegradable Products to Make the Planet Zero Waste As reusable and eco friendly concepts from battery operate hybrid cars to wind mills and reusable bags and products take centre stage, there is renewed interest in the segment of reusable products all over the world. Many unique green products have been l... 24th January 2011 Save Money and Go Green with Reusable Tote Bags Plastic bags littering the roads and choking the drains have become the bane of modern societies all over the food. The fast food culture and the change in life styles have largely contributed to the use and throw concept, which pushed the age old system ... 24th January 2011 Day Trading in Futures Market Holding either a long or short position in futures trading is the general phenomenon, however, the practice to buy and sell futures contracts on the same day is referred to as Day Trading. Such trading actions enable you to be free of having open position... 23rd August 2010