Sturat Michael M's Articles en-us Romantic Comedies for the Sentimental and Humorous Unlike most movie genres, romantic comedies are one that can be enjoyed by any. You do not need to be afraid since it does not give you the chills horror movies do; you do not need to be bored over lengthy dramas that only has an ending after long; and yo... 16th September 2010 3 of the Best Real-Life Portrayals of Sportsmen The best sports movies always portray a good sport that show that nothing is impossible in life if you work hard for it. Here are 3 of the best sports movies' with portrayals of some of these real life fascinating people. The Cinderella Man (2005) A b... 16th September 2010 3 Good Family Movies to Watch during the Weekend Here are some good movies you can watch with your family. With aspects of entertainment and educational bits, you will not be dry of conversation topics. WALL-E (2008) Planet Earth, in this movie, is overly polluted by humans that it becomes too toxic... 16th September 2010 4 of the Best Stop-Motion Movies Stop motions require precision and patience to create the fluid moving pictures you see on screen. Hence, it is always fascinating to see the outcome of that diligence. Here are some of the greatest movies made in stop-motion that you simply cannot miss. ... 16th September 2010 The Top 4 Romantic Comedies of All Time Do you like to cuddle up with your partner in front of the television? Here are some of the best movies in the genre of romantic comedies. Harold and Maude (1971) In this rather morbid film, Harold is a 19-year old that enjoys staging his own death an... 16th September 2010 Art Portfolio Case – Make Your Case! Art work comes in various types - drawings, paintings, pictures, sketches and graphics, sculptures, legal documents, etc. Concerned with damaging art work and supplies while transporting to various locations or an acceptable display format for finished pr... 08th September 2010 Shopping for Art Cases – Is Cheap Good? For those that deal frequently with heavy paper work or drawings, buying art cases might be a regular activity. Owing to the cost of purchasing most art cases, it is therefore not feasible or economically viable to invest large amounts in them. For this g... 08th September 2010 Tips for Buying Art Cases Shopping for an art case is not the same as shopping for a briefcase. Depending on your nature of work, your product may not be as standard as regular items. Choosing the right kind of art case is very important to any artist. You don't want your casing t... 08th September 2010 The Best Art Case The debate as to which is the best art case cannot be answered generally. One which is ideal for one might not be ideal for the other for a variety of reasons. The good news is that no matter how unique the need is, with patience and guide, there is somet... 08th September 2010 Is Your Art Case Suitable? As the name implies, an art case is a material used to hold art work of any calibre to protect it from wear and tear among other display and presentation benefits. Today, the traditional use of it has given way to style and urban trend. No longer is it de... 08th September 2010 John Travolta Filmography – A Star-Studded Selection The John Travolta filmography projects an awesome effect as it spans across a wide spectrum of period and genre. He first started his professional acting career in the early 1970's and has been actively involved since. His movie portfolio is able to kno... 31st August 2010 Handmade Purses for Loved Ones If you are interested in making your own handmade purses, here are a few tips and useful instructions on how to do so. There are so many methods in getting quality self-created bags with your own creativity and handicraft skills. You can place your coins ... 17th August 2010 One And Many Recipes For Ground Beef At its mere mention, recipes for ground beef probably entail visions of the proverbial burger. Whether they are a product of the golden arches or a home-made version slapped together with special herbs and spices, the burger is possibly the best inventio... 17th August 2010 Recipes for Diabetics To Regain Control Of Life As diabetes is more commonly seen in all levels of the population regardless of race, culture, age and affordability, it is important to understand that this condition is to be adopted into one's lifestyle. It is to be taken in a positive manner as a bal... 17th August 2010 Recipes for Pork Chops without Breaking A Sweat Although the chop is one of the many parts on the pig, it makes a delightful presentation on the dining table. Normally served with a bone attached, there are various cuts of chops depending on what area of the animal it is cut from. Its sizes also diff... 17th August 2010 Types of Recipes To Suit Millions Of Tastes And Needs The many types of recipes available in our current day and age find their origins in culture, religion, geography, health, convenience and a host of other factors. Although a dish may be commonly seen on dining tables all over the world, there are a mill... 17th August 2010 Recipes For Kids To Grow Up Into Wholesome Individuals Children normally adopt fastidious eating habits due to constant exposure to certain elements within their environment. Some may have irregular eating times whereas others favor some foods more than others, usually of the less healthy kind. As part of t... 17th August 2010 The Top 5 Horror Movies of All Time For the horror movie enthusiasts, here are five top horror movies of all time! 1. Exorcist (1973) This is popular chilling thriller definitely leads the charts of the top horror movies. A daughter of an actress goes through dramatic changes to her beh... 06th August 2010 Making Disgustingly-edible Severed Fingers Every Halloween, parents bring out their inner child to join in the festive fun. Along with their children, they would try to come up with the spookiest look they can find. One crucial element to the festival is the gory props. While it is fun to put the ... 06th August 2010 Mobile Phones Take Over the World! Mobile phones now serve a more important purpose in other than the telecommunication aspect. The multiple features of the item are the draw of attraction to the users. The mobile phones which are available in the tech markets can be more apt than a digi... 15th July 2010 Mobile Phone Listings for Quick Search The mobile phones listings are lists of contact numbers which can be acquired in a large database. The amount of searches or queries on others' private numbers is enormous and usually the vital information is stored in a large capacity database. Mobile ... 15th July 2010 Reverse Cell Phone Lookup on Unknown Numbers Reverse Cell Phone Lookup is the act of having a random phone number and wanting to know who it belongs to. This is usually prohibited by many Mobile Listings because there seems to be no need for the finder to lurk into the privacy of the user's owner. ... 15th July 2010 Mobile Phone Listings Guides Mobile Phone Listings can be attained from a variety of sources; Yellow Pages may be a good place to start but usually cell numbers will not be given out very easily to public companies. Certain Mobile Phone Listings can be obtained from online director... 15th July 2010 Know About Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe Everyone wants to stay in shape and live a long and healthy life. Truth is that it takes a lot of commitment to achieve this. Eating well, exercises, etc. Whatever your aim is, weight loss, staying fit, de-toxing, etc, as long as eating well is involve... 03rd June 2010 The Biography Of Britney Spears Britney Spears' biography should start off during her childhood where she was always hoping to be a star such as the Mariah Carey, Madonna and Whitney Houston. She was often heard to be singing at all times. After attending the dance and vocal lessons bes... 02nd June 2010 Jessica Biel: American Actress & Model Jessica Biel's biography was initially planned to be a vocalist. She attended training and appeared in numerous musical events in her hometown. When she was 12, she presented herself in "The International Modeling and Talent Association Conference" in Los... 02nd June 2010 Biography: Christina Aguilera When discussing about Christina Aguilera's biography, we should start describing from her first television appearance on the Star Search when she was 9. Later on she starred in a Disney's Channel series named "Mickey Mouse Club" for two years before proce... 02nd June 2010 Alyssa Milano: An Actress & Singer Alyssa Milano's biography starts off when she won the role of "Annie" in an open audition. She emerged as the winner among 1500 girls and later shown appearance in few television commercials besides some off-Broadway productions. She starred as Samantha M... 02nd June 2010 Tasty Berger Cookie Recipe To make the Berger Cookies, you will need a comprehensive Berger Cookie recipe. There should be recipes to make Berger cookies and the recipe for the rich chocolate icing as well. For the cookies, you will need one cup or eight ounces of unsalted butter... 30th May 2010 Delicious Nutella Cookie Recipe It is definitely too lengthy to elaborate on every Nutella cookie recipe and its cooking procedures. A brief description about the common types of Nutella cookie will most probably help. The first type is the Nutella Crater Cookies. To make about 24 coo... 30th May 2010 Subway Cookie Recipe for Your Family Subway cookies are so well-known that many are craving for the Subway cookie recipe. Here is one simple method to make the cookies. The outcome may not be exactly the same as the Subway cookies but you may alter the recipe or ingredients to suit your pref... 30th May 2010 Know How to Use a Broiler for Easy Cooking If you would buy a new stove, make sure that it includes broiler pans as well. Unfortunately, not everyone can take advantage of what these broiling pans can do. Some do not know how to use a broiler while others are just afraid that their dish might end ... 30th May 2010 Cabbage Soup: The Diet Recipe The cabbage soup for diet involves simple ingredients and easy cooking steps. The cabbage soup recipe include the following ingredients: one head of cabbage, three large onions, two bells of peppers, one packet of onion soup mix, three carrots, cooking sp... 23rd May 2010 Top 5 Male Actors It's always a hurdle to grab a spot in the top 5 male actors and actors do a lot of crazy stuff from distracting paparazzi to attracting critics to establish their publicity in the red zone. Depending upon the number of hits given by a male actor and the ... 21st May 2010 Top 5 Female Comedians of All Times Comedy is one of the most difficult acting zones and the active period of a comedian is also short lived. The period of recognition for a comedian is short lived due to many reasons. Male comedians are always preferred in this field, however a number of f... 21st May 2010 Should Recycling Be Mandatory? Today, there is so much of emphasis on preserving the environment and protecting natural surroundings. Much of the damage to natural surroundings is caused by toxic waste substances. These substances are the by-products of man-made items that decay over a... 21st May 2010 How to Boil Eggs? Eggs have always been a choice of food for many since it is rich in protein and vitamins and very healthy; eggs can be cooked in many forms scrambled, raw, as omelet, poached or boiled. The best way to have a wholesome breakfast is to have eggs alongside,... 21st May 2010 Tips to Cooking Steak at home like a Pro So you either wanted to recreate that mouth-watering steak meal you had in a restaurant you once travelled through or you just have the craving for a home-cooked meal or wondered what is the best way to cook steak, let's tell you how. Cooking a sumptuou... 20th May 2010 The Best Jambalaya Recipe - Creole To the many people have never heard of, or tasted the jambalaya before, this is a very savory local cuisine that is known to have originated from Louisiana in the United States. It is a simple and very delicious rice dish that has three popular variations... 20th May 2010 Tips when Cooking Frozen Shrimp without Losing the Flavor Shrimps are best cooked and served fresh. But there are some cases wherein it must be kept frozen in order to keep its flavor once it is time to be cooked. Nonetheless, there are still a lot of advantages when cooking frozen shrimps. This has been the pr... 20th May 2010 One Way on How to Cook Leg of Lamb There's no doubt that the lamb meat is one of the tastiest meats available. And when it comes to the special occasions, the leg of lamb is often prepared since it can be turned into various sumptuous dishes meant for festive events. There s a wide range o... 20th May 2010 Tried And Tasty Methods On How To Cook Fresh Polish Sausage It was the best of times, it was the worst of times - hopefully this rough adaptation of the infamous opening line of a piece of literature set in mid 19th century Europe doesn't cause the author to roll over in his grave. The humble sausage is generall... 20th May 2010 Do You Know How To Cook Couscous On Stove? Every culture around the world consumes some form of staple food ranging from grains or cereals, tubers, legume to the lesser common plant products. Within the grain family, rice tops the list as it can be consumed as is once cooked. Other grains are no... 20th May 2010 Top Three Wireless Cell Phone Reviews Cell phone has becoming a necessity to everyone due to its convenience to get connected with other people. Unlike in the olden days where we can only use a wired fixed phone at home. If you are from your home, you will have to search for public phones nea... 10th May 2010 Features for New Cell Phones The technology of cell phones is improving from day to day. A lot of features and functions have been added into our cell phones such as 3G functions, Wi-Fi, GPS map and a lot more. To meet customers' need and satisfaction, it is important for cell phone ... 10th May 2010