jensmith's Articles en-us Modern canvas art in interior design Art can be a way of giving an interior the wow factor without the need to spend thousands on painting and decorating. Decorating, wallpaper and paint costs can amount to a fortune. Labour costs add quite considerably along with wall preparation and the... 12th July 2010 Buying Modern Art and Canvas Art Good quality, individual art has become more accessible for the consumer to purchase in recent years. Art is far more accessible to buy and view right now. Even famous works of art are being loaned out to local galleries so a wider audience can see the... 11th May 2010 Various Types of Anti Slip and Non Slip Tape Slipping over on floors or down stairs are common forms of accidents in the workplace and in the home. Slips and falls can result in serious injury. Prevention of such accidents is very easy with care, attention and by using easy to apply anti slip and... 04th May 2010