Trini Private's Articles en-us Take Care Of Your Nails Do you feel your nails are usually broken and uncared, portraying a tired look? Wont it send you a message to keep them soft, smooth, healthy and youthful for years to come? As we turn 30s, our body starts to produce less oil, so our nails can become dr... 09th June 2011 2011 Hair Accessories For Glam Hair Styles 2011 brings really good news in fashion; replete with femininity. No matter what the weather may be, the season promises plenty of hair accessories to keep hair under control, looking feminine, and out of the way! Check out a few of the most interesting h... 14th February 2011 Nail Polish Lovers Take Good Care Of Your Nails! Who among us doesn't feel better when we have a great set of nails to show off? Going to the salon and getting the nail work is the essential step to caring for your gorgeous nails. Let's be honest, a beautiful set of, long, natural healthy nails say a lo... 14th January 2011 PHYTO's 1st Concept Store Arrives in Miami at Trini in Private How do you feel when you find yourself pulling more and more hair out of your brush and out of the shower drain? It can be extremely frustrating! The once before compliments by your stylist, "Wow, you have great hair" have now stopped. It's also aggravati... 24th May 2010 Makeup Tips for Natural Beauty Staying beautiful and attractive takes work, for sure, but being healthy is one of the simplest ways to ensure great skin and that youthful glow. In addition to proper nutrition and exercise, ridding the skin of deep impurities and maintaining excellent e... 07th May 2010 Hottest Hairstyle Trends for 2010 As a celebrity hairstylist and Ambassador to L'Oreal Professional USA, I am very involved in my career and passion for styling - from hair to makeup to fashion shows to photo shoots. I am always looking for inspiration and industry knowledge to keep my te... 22nd April 2010