Surya's Articles en-us Micromax Bling Q55: A Mobile Phone that will Attract the Youth: Recently, a leading Indian Telecom Company Micromax has released the Micromax Bling Q55 Mobile. By releasing new mobile phones, this company has started to give mobile giants like Nokia and Samsung some stiff competition. Micromax has 23 domestic offices ... 23rd June 2010 Nokia 5233: The Sleek and Stylish Phone: The Nokia 5233 mobile phone is the cheaper version of Nokia 5230 without 3G and Wi-Fi. The handset is stylish and features a touch sensitive widescreen display. As usual, Nokia has delivered yet another quality product to all the mobile phone users in the... 23rd June 2010 Apple iPod Shuffle: The world’s smallest music player: The shuffle switch has three positions. Flip it to the left, and you will hear your music in a refreshingly random way. Flip it to the middle, and your songs play in order. On the other hand, you can, just flip to the right to turn iPod shuffle off. It is... 19th June 2010 Acer Stream Mobile Phone: Awesome and Entertaining: The Acer Stream Mobile Phone is powerful, spectacular, cutting-edge with State-of-the-art connectivity, ultra-fast, and highly sensitive. These are just some of the words that best describe Acer Stream, the latest product from the Taiwanese company. Defi... 17th June 2010 Sony Ericsson Spiro: The next generation phone: I have always admired Japanese manufacturers, especially the ones who deal with consumer electronics. Sony happens to be my best among them. According to Wikipedia, "They merged with the Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson to make mobile phones. T... 08th June 2010 Sony Ericsson Zylo: The next generation phone: I have always admired Japanese manufacturers, especially the ones who deal with consumer electronics. Sony happens to be my best among them. According to Wikipedia, "They merged with the Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson to make mobile phones. T... 08th June 2010 Apple I-Phone: From the Pace-setting makers of Apple Products: Apple Inc has been the pace-setters in whatever they do. Their technology is advanced, designs are sleek, products are reliable, and people do not mind shelling out their money to buy their products. The Apple I-Phone is one of their hugely popular items ... 08th June 2010 Video Games-The Favorite Pass-time For Many of Generation X and Y: Video games have become very popular and at times even addictive with different kinds of people. They have many benefits and also controversies along as well. Wikipedia defines a video game, "as an electronic game that involves interaction with a user int... 08th June 2010 Get Yourself a Dual SIM Mobile Phone and you will be hooked on: A Dual SIM mobile phone is one which holds two SIM cards. They allow the use of two services without the need to carry two phones at the same time. The same phone or handset can be used for business and personal use with separate numbers and bills. There... 08th June 2010 Great Gifts to Give Your Loved One: Many people seem bewildered when it comes to gifting a friend for whatever reason or season. I have gone through that quite a bit. If a close friend or relative of yours is gearing up for an occasion, then a great gift idea would be something that they wo... 02nd June 2010 Guide to Buying Books, Educational Toys and their Importance in our lives: "If You Think Education Is Expensive, Try Ignorance". This famous quote by Derek Bok makes a good excuse for someone who is trying to sell education. If education is so important for kids all the way to senior citizens, it is because of the role books pl... 02nd June 2010 Television set buying guide for Indian buyers: The T.V is one of the best inventions according to a lot of people because it keeps them occupied when they would otherwise be bored. Some people call it the idiot box because of the dramas and soap operas that are played normally on a daily basis. Many s... 17th May 2010 Watch Movies on your D.V.D: If you love movies and feel like seeing them again and again you would own a film than rent it, there is a way for you, its nothing but DVD player gone are the days of those VCR's and VCD's and the price of the DVD player is very affordable for DVD softwa... 17th May 2010 Camcorder - ultimate gift for any holiday Season "Life gives us brief moments with another...but sometimes in those brief moments we get memories that last a life time..." In this hectic schedule of our life there are few moments which we would like to live over and over again, and when we look back a... 13th May 2010 What to look for while buying a Water Purifier: In our day to day life water purifier is one of the most indispensable things to keep us healthy. If by taking lots of water we can prevent our body from lots of diseases, we will also have to consider that unpurified water leads to lot of diseases. How ... 12th May 2010 Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Mobile Phone: Hello folks….I would like to share few things about Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. It is incredible, wonderful, awesome, fascinating, prodigious, unbelievable, extraordinary, astounding, wondrous, stupendous, striking, miraculous, and much more. This has been ... 07th May 2010 The Wallet-Tie Combo-A Great Gift Option: Many people in urban areas at times run out of ideas when it comes to gifting a man. What can one present a man with on his birthday or anniversary or just about any other joyous occasion? Here is one gift idea that I would like to present, especial... 04th May 2010 As Cool As a Refrigerator: The beauty of technology is the ever increasing improvements in design, features, and the added advantage of cost depreciation. Hence, even the most economically priced refrigerators available today have significant advantages over older models. They're q... 27th April 2010 The emergence of the MP3 player and what to look for while buying one: There was a time when the radio was the favorite time-pass for many people and now it is almost obsolete because of the many advances in technology during the last few decades. The radio gave way to the cassette player, which in turn gave way to the ... 19th April 2010