Greyer's Articles en-us Mother Shipton and the End of London Born in 1488 as Ursula Southeil, Mother Shipton came to be known as one of the most famous soothsayers in history. She was born in a cave in Knaresborough, Yorkshire and was said to been absolutely hideous to look at, but apparently had a knack for prophe... 28th February 2011 Venice’s Biennale Arts Celebration This year, the city of Venice will host the 2011 Venice Biennale, a biennial celebration of contemporary arts that brings together the best artists and works from around the globe for a series of exhibitions, performances and installations set against the... 14th February 2011 Conference calls for your business The conference service quality is related with your needs. For those of you who want to chat with friends, it is a better idea to get the free conference service. But corporations definitely should choose more professional service. Here you will find 6 of... 14th February 2011 The Royal Astronomical Society Who has never looked up and asked themselves questions about the expansive frontier that spreads out before them in the nighttime sky? From the dawn of time, man has looked to the heavens with wonder and awe. From the stars to the planets and the larger q... 11th February 2011 Internet based distance education Undoubtedly one of the most important thing in the life of every person with ambitions is the level of the education which he can achieve. Unfortunately getting a valuable degree from the University with good reputation is definitely not an easy thing. Th... 01st February 2011 Choosing international conference provider What you should have in mind when choosing international conference provider? Which are the benefits of conference calls and what is important to know about it? The first advantage of the web conference call service is that the other participants do not... 26th January 2011 VoIP Techology And Landlines VoIP Technology is commonly used for making cheap calls to China. It plays a great role for optimizing business offering integrity of options to communicate. VoIP technology has developed a lot during the years. But it still needs to some improvements to ... 11th December 2010 Things You Need to Know about Cheap International Calls Keeping in touch with all the people who are abroad, running a business , having foreign business associates requires making a great deal of international phone calls. In the old days, before the communications' boom, that could have led to skyrocketing p... 09th December 2010 How to Choose the Best Cheap Calling Plan to Keep in Touch With Our Friends and Family Most of us have felt the fascination of benefiting from Internet phone service, because we are always looking for a cheap way of communication. The need of keeping in touch with friends and relatives is that they have spread to different countries. Intern... 06th December 2010 Why Video Conferencing Solutions is Important to Business? The business world is now very different from the one before and all this thanks to development and innovations in communication. Nowadays, it is easier to communicate with people located in very distant places and is possible to do business with people y... 22nd November 2010 12 LONDON TREES 'We may say that London begins where tree trunks commence to be black.' (Ford Madox Ford) 1.The Lucombe Oak, Kew Gardens Originally raised in the eighteenth century by a Mr Lucombe, this cross between two other types of oak was first planted at Kew in 1... 22nd November 2010 Getting Connected By Using the International Conference Calling Service Nowadays, even more people join the world of business to become more independent and gain regular profits from their successful activity. Our world gives people opportunity to develop their ideas on the free opened economic market and it is not hard to st... 22nd November 2010 Tips for how to make cheap long distance calls Nowadays exist many ways to make a cheap long distance call. Most of them, but not all, can be used wherever you are and no matter the time. Now is very simple and commodious to call abroad. The cellular phone was considered as the best option for staying... 19th November 2010 What Are The Best Practices of Conference Call? A conference call needs to be planned and managed just like every other meeting. In general, the international conference calls host is the one, who has to be sure that the teleconference goes according to plans. This doesn't mean that participants do not... 17th November 2010 Useful tips for how to make cheap calls with Voip Sometimes even the amazingly cheap call rates, are not cheap enough. It is hard to believe but now you can make free international calls using your landline phone via VOIP. Some free call may be made through your standard home phone. All you need to acce... 15th November 2010 Cheap international calls with prepaid calling cards If you possess a cheap phone card you are allowed to call wherever you want, even abroad. We can mention many examples when the cardholder had saved money using his card. For instance many workers are bound to travel to another distant location to have th... 05th November 2010 Make Cheap Calls To Pakistan Using Calling Cards Traveling for business in another country you may need an inexpensive call on your mobile to Pakistan. The only way not to be bad surprised with your phone bill when you come back home is if your mobile provider offers international services at low rates.... 25th October 2010 Easy steps to make cheap calls to Pakistan If you want to get in touch with Pakistan or another distant country, you normally are ready to pay expensive fees to the phone provider that you are using. And you know that international calls through mobile phones or landline are related to high fees. ... 25th October 2010 How to Make Phone Calls to, from and in China If you decide to call China, you must first dial the IDD phone system, for example in US you dial ""011"". Then you dial the country code for China – 86, then the city code, without the zero, finaly the local number of the person you are calling. For exam... 28th September 2010 Relief Efforts Stepped Up in Pakistan As the rescue and relief mission for the victims of Pakistan's devastating floods continues into its second month, a number of different countries and agencies are ramping up their efforts to provide supplies and equipment to the country, 1/5 of which sti... 20th September 2010 Van Gogh Theft From Egyptian Museum Cause for Concern A painting by Vincent Van Gogh was stolen from an Egyptian museum in late August, causing officials to review security measures in the country's museums. The painting is estimated to be worth $55 million and its theft is a huge embarrassment to the author... 15th September 2010 Pakistan Flood Disaster Aid As the tragedy in Pakistan continues to worsen, affecting millions already, and with dire warnings of loss of life potentially reaching into the millions, foreign aid is crucial in dealing with the disaster. Sadly, the amount of aid promised and currently... 27th August 2010 Cairo: Islamic Art Museum Reopens Within a few weeks, The Cairo Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) will reopen after a 7 year renovation project. It is the largest collection of its kind and features not only Egyptian works but pieces from all over the Middle East. Opened in 1881, the museum at ... 18th August 2010 Increase in Britons Abroad Makes For Cheap Calls to Turkey As one of Britain's greatest national pastimes, leaving Britain, reaches peak season and extends to ever distant corners of the earth, formerly tranquil seaside destinations the world over are becoming littered with British pubs, curry houses and-you gues... 12th August 2010 Turkey Facing the Challenges of Becoming a EU Member With ongoing formal accession negotiations that would see Turkey become a permanent, fully-fledged member of the European Union and European Economic Council, political and economic communications between EU members and the Southeast European Republic wil... 12th August 2010 Free international Calls on Three "3" is the name of one of the smallest mobile phone companies in the UK. However, 3 has a more significant market influence in areas like Australia, Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy and Sweden. Actually 3 is a brand name of ... 13th July 2010 How you can save 100 Pounds on your phone bill Most telecommunication companies offer a variety of ways in which you can save money on your phone bill. The main principle that major companies offer is that the more you talk, the more you safe. But even if you are not a big talker, there are quite a lo... 08th July 2010 Free international calls on Orange The Orange company is the fifth largest telecom and internet provider company in the world. It is a brand of France Telecom and now has nearly 200 million clients all over the world. Established in 1994, Orange is now one of the main names behind France T... 07th July 2010 Five Free Call Tips to Know Communication nowadays takes up more time than ever before. But it doesn't have to cost lots of money too. Here are 5 tips for making free calls, or at least spending less than usual: 1. Using the VoIP services available for any computer and most mo... 07th June 2010