carolyn2010's Articles en-us Non Vegetarian: Non Vegetarian: Vegetarians are those people who do not eat meat while non vegetarians are those who include meat in their diets. The following essay will explain the benefits of being a non vegetarian over a vegetarian. The first aspect to consider i... 26th February 2010 Saying-shakesspear The saying "How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world" in the context of the novel refers to the hope of happiness that Portia had on return to Belmont. This was after she had helped Antonio in getting justice a... 26th February 2010 Merchant of Venice Merchant of Venice Exposition is that part of a play which shows the background that is required in order for one to understand the action and the characters in that play. It also helps in understanding the basic conflicts of the antagonist and the pr... 26th February 2010 Elizabethan times play In this act the importance of friendship is depicted in two ways. First there is true friendship and bad friendship. In Portia and Bossanio this is not a true relationship as Bassanio is just befriending Portio because of the debts that he has and therefo... 26th February 2010 Cold war era Introduction The cold war is said to be a continuation of the political conflicts among countries, military pressure and the economic struggle that exists among different nations after the Second World War. The cold war is mostly between the USSR and its... 26th February 2010 Contrast between Canada and U.S.A. fight for Independence Introduction Canada's fight for independence was unlike the United States. Canada gradually evolved peacefully as a nation while the United States became an independent country through an armed revolution. Contrast between Canada and United States... 26th February 2010 Faust and Bartleyby Introduction The plays on Faust and Bartleyby are similar in some ways and they as well differ in some other ways. Their plot and flow are the same and they make the reader read on more or desire to know more about the story hence the desi... 26th February 2010 Fiber Optics Technology Introduction Optical fiber technology (FIOS) innovations are currently revolutionizing the way communications in the world is being conducted. Fiber amplifiers have been developed to allow for direct transmission of very high speed signals that can be tr... 26th February 2010 Floods and droughts of 2006- 2007 Introduction The periods between the years 2006 to 2007, the weather was full of the unexpected extremes. Some regions experienced droughts while others experienced floods. These two are extremes and exactly the opposite of each other. Both floods and dr... 26th February 2010 The good life ... 26th February 2010 The Curse of Natural Resources Introduction Natural resources can be referred to as substances that occur naturally and in most cases are unmodified. They are normally considered valuable. Its value is the demand for it and the amount of material available. They are classified into no... 26th February 2010 War on terror. Introduction If I was the president of the United States in the present times I would use a very different approach in addressing the issue on war and terror. The phrase "war on terror" is not often used since America cannot win terrorism by the use of m... 26th February 2010 Public and Government Approach In Mosquito Control Programs Public and Government Approach in Mosquito Control Programs Introduction Malaria is one of the diseases which is threatening millions of children and old people in most parts of the world. First, it has been in existence for a long time hence making i... 26th February 2010 International relations GLOBAL WARMING Global warming refers to the increase in the air temperature near the water bodies' surface and it affects the climatic conditions in various parts of the world causing a lot of climatic changes. Global warming can be caused by various fac... 26th February 2010 Why countries in the Middle East are regarded as resistant to liberal democracy Introduction A true democracy is one in which members of a given state preserve the right to make decisions about issues affecting their lives. They exercise this right through representation or directly. Liberal democracies leave the highest form of pow... 26th February 2010 Case Studies CASE1: 6 yr old girl IQ within normal limits. Lives at home with natural parents, She has cerebral palsy. Difficulty in communications Introduction Observe a little, normal kid with his/her parents. There appears to be a continuous flow of communicati... 26th February 2010 Teacher’s Perception of Leadership Introduction There are various schools of thought about what sort of leadership style is most appropriate for a particular organization. Some school environments may require the application of a participative style of leadership i... 26th February 2010 Organic project Introduction Given the current condition of organic products in the United Arab Emirates, increasing the level of promotion for organic products will increase the awareness of the product. The paper shall look at a definition of organic products, identif... 26th February 2010 Policy Research Program on how the US will deal with the conflict regarding the North Korea Nuclear introduction In this essay, I will argue that the North Korean Nuclear Program is not just a problem to the United states, but it also a threat to the other countries such as Japan and South Korea. Current approaches by the United States have not been ve... 26th February 2010