RobertMelkk's Articles en-us Top iPhone Apps for Utility Purposes Your iPhone should work to help you out in every way possible. The various apps provided in the store accessible through the iPhone can increase how useful the phone is. Knowing the weather is a very useful thing for the day. After all, it can help yo... 27th May 2010 Top iPhone Apps to use for Fun The various applications provided in the iPhone store can help you get simple tasks done or allow you to play some games while a few others exist just for fun purposes without any true function. There is nothing wrong with this and a few are definitely wo... 27th May 2010 Top iPhone Applications for Productivity The applications for the iPhone fall in a number of categories. Since there are so many of them they need to be organized to be able to search them effectively. They vary in price and functionality but the following are the best productivity applications ... 27th May 2010 The Top Reasons to Choose the iPhone over other smart phones The iPhone is very popular and well known. The iPhone has recently gotten some competition from other cell phone creators. The smart phone market is incredibly competitive. The main problem that people have with getting any phone is that they are locked i... 27th May 2010 The Best Video and Music Applications for the iPhone The iPhone is probably more well known for its added on features that make it more than just a phone but a great media device as well. One of the best things to use your phone for is multimedia capabilities provided such as video and music. The first ... 27th May 2010 The Best Gaming iPhone Applications People purchase the iPhone not just because it is a pretty looking phone but also because it has a multitude of other functions. One of these is being able to play games through the use of downloading different applications. These apps can turn your iPhon... 27th May 2010 The 5 Best Tips all iPhone Users Should Know All cell phones require that they get taken care of in order to last long. However, some phones require a bit more care in order to make their life span longer. If your iPhone is taken care of as good as it should be it can last you all throughout your co... 27th May 2010 iPhone 4G To Ship in June Ever since the very first iPhone was released many people have been anxiously awaiting the new release every year. Each revision of the iPhone has given consumers the chance to explore new functionality, a sleeker design, and a better phone overall. T... 27th May 2010 How to Choose the Best iPhone Music Applications The iPhone is something that is prized by many individuals who use it for their everyday activities. These mean the phone is used for more than just talking but listening to music, downloading applications, gaming, and so much more. Man y people use their... 27th May 2010 5 Reasons you should have an iPhone The iPhone is something that is marketed as being more than a phone. It offers multiple capabilities that people wish for in a device and so much more. The iPhone was originally released to the public by Apple over 3 years ago with a new version being rel... 26th May 2010 An Expert's View On Getting A Free iPhone Getting a free iPhone may seem like a crazy idea but if you actually analyze the specifics surrounding it the concept is not all that foreign. Many companies offer iPhones as prizes in giveaways because they know that they are in high demand. People want ... 28th April 2010 iPhone Deals - How To Find The Best And Shortest iPhone Deals The iPhone is a highly desired electronic. It functions as a phone that is not only a phone but a device that can work to take pictures and videos, call people, surf the internet, and even get added functionality by downloading applications. Now the h... 28th April 2010 iPhone 4G - Get It On The Release Date, Get It Free! The iPhone 4G is just as highly anticipated as all the other iPhones have been since apple began producing and releasing them. It seems that once a year the new phone is released to the public with new features that are bigger and better than the previous... 28th April 2010 Free iPhone 4G - Top 5 Tips To Get Yours Right Now The thought of getting anything free is quite absurd. Today it seems weird to even think of getting a free meal let alone something as expensive as an iPhone. It is possible though if you follow a few steps which will inevitably lead to you owning an iPho... 28th April 2010 Top 5 Features Of The Free iPhone 4G The free iPhone 4G is something that many people are in search of. Everything costs money and if it is possible to get a free electronic device, why not take advantage of it? A lot of people have this mindset. The first feature is that these free iPho... 28th April 2010 Video Calling on the iPhone 4G Apple has always been very strict and keeps quiet about their products until they are ready to release the details or device to the public. They are quite fond of allowing speculation to run wild to what they have up their sleeves next. The 4G is no excep... 12th April 2010 Taking the leap to an iPhone 4G Every year since the initial introduction of the iPhone, Apple has released a new iPhone. Each one has improved features and been a better one that the prior. The Apple iPhone 4G promises to be no disappointment to the loyal customers who have been with t... 12th April 2010 iPhone 4G vs Nexus One The smart phone market has been exploding in the past year or so. Every cell phone carrier has worked to produce and market the greatest and best phone with the features that can compare and beat every other carrier in the market. Apple's iPhone has been ... 12th April 2010 iPhone 4G Price Comparison The smart phone competition is heating up every month as more phones are introduced with the newest features available on all the major cell phone carriers. One of the biggest areas in competition is the price. With all the phones available being so close... 12th April 2010 iPhone 4G Multitasking Capabilities In the busy world that we all live in today the ability to do multiple things at one time is essential. This is something that is implemented in computers and humans multi task themselves by juggling multiple instances of something, why shouldn't our phon... 12th April 2010 iPhone 4G Digital Camera Quality One of the great features of the iPhone series has been the digital camera which is included as a part of the package of sleek design, numerous applications, and the touch screen. The camera on the Apple iPhone functions great for what it is, a camera... 12th April 2010 How to upgrade an iPhone 3G with an iPhone 4G The Apple iPhone 4G has many speculations surrounding it from the features that are going to be offered with it to the release date and which carriers are going to offer the phone. Many have speculated that a CDMA version will also be released and this en... 12th April 2010 How to Transfer Contacts from an old Phone to an iPhone 4G One of the greatest problems that you're going to encounter when you get a new phone whether it's switching carriers or upgrading from your previous phone is switching your contacts over. It can be quite annoying or time consuming if you have to manually ... 12th April 2010 How to transfer all your Contacts from an iPhone 4G to your Computer When using any electronic device keeping your data backed up is something that should be absolutely done in regular intervals. You don't want to lose data that you can't get back such as contacts, messages, and pictures as well. In order to keep your info... 12th April 2010 Expected Features on the iPhone 4G The latest iPhone was the iPhone 3GS. Many people anticipate that the iPhone 4G will be released roughly a year after the iPhone 3GS. There are a multitude of features that may be expected to be put in the new iPhone along with wish lists of features that... 12th April 2010 Top 5 Haunted Hotels in England Haunted houses are a very successful tourist location but haunted hotels have even more exposure because more people have lived in them for time periods which can lead to more interesting stories and experiences for visitors. One of the most haunted h... 08th April 2010 Top 5 Haunted Houses in England England has many locations that are haunted but haunted houses seem to draw the most attention and attraction probably because we all live in houses as well and the idea of haunting are both intriguing and scary as well. One of the most haunted houses... 08th April 2010 Top 5 Most Haunted Places in England Haunted sites are a hot tourist attraction for children, teenagers, and adults as well. It is thought that over 50% of grown adults believe in ghosts and the possibility of an area being haunted. England is an area that has suspicious haunted activity. ... 08th April 2010 Top 3 Reasons for Hauntings to Occur Hauntings have been the topic of speculation for many years. People visit supposedly haunted sites to see if they can experience what so many people have been talking about. Ghost hunters visit the location and bring their equipment which is supposed to p... 08th April 2010 Top 3 Types of Hauntings Hauntings are frequently thought of and analyzed by hundreds of people. Many people may even visit the haunted site in order to hopefully see or feel what many people have rumored. The most common and thought of type of haunting was the intelligent or... 08th April 2010 What is Photo-journalistic wedding Photography? A wedding is one of the biggest and more important events in your lifetime. How it is photographed can impact the depiction of it quite a bit. Each photographer who offers or advertises to shoot for weddings must know the approach that they intend to take... 08th April 2010 3 Reasons to Hire an Artistic wedding photographers When you decide to choose your wedding photographer you may wonder how you ought to determine who should be hired. You have to consider the cost of the photographer, the experience they do (or do not) have, and most important is their choice of style in h... 08th April 2010 Avatar: The Last Air Bender Movie Expectations Avatar: The Last Air Bender, set to be released on July 2nd, 2010 is set to be based on the Avatar: The Last Airbender Emmy-winning animated television series. The series has also profited by selling action figures, trading card games, video games, stuffe... 07th April 2010 What are the uses of Reverse Phone Number Lookup Services? A reverse phone lookup can be quite useful for individuals to use in order to find an individual based solely on their phone number and no other information. Some individuals work on a name while others focus on using their business name instead of their ... 31st March 2010 Top 3 Services that can Help you find an address using only a phone number Using a phone number to find an address can be a very useful method to discover where that phone number who is calling you is originated from. A variety of services can be used to find addresses from a simple piece of information such as a phone number. T... 31st March 2010 How to Identify Annoying calls with a Reverse Phone Number Search The telephone industry has switched from being only land lines to being dominated by cell phones. Many people use cell phones in addition to their home landline while others don't even have a home phone any longer and opt to have each member of the family... 31st March 2010 How to find Unlisted Phone Numbers using the Web Back quite a few years ago everyone relied on only having their home phones for communication. You could call someone and expect them to be home. If you got an answering machine though you could leave a message and expect to get a call back later. Now tho... 31st March 2010 How to find a Physical Address using only a Telephone Number? Reverse phone lookup is a method of discovering just who is calling you based on their phone number alone with no other identifying information whatsoever. It may be possible to find out a name, address, business, phone company carrier, and general locati... 31st March 2010 Why There Will be Glee at the White House The cast of Fox's musical comedy will soon be making an appearance at the White House for the 2010 White House Egg Roll. Apparently, the Obamas are also huge fans of the series along with many Americans. Both Barack Obama's wife Michele Obama and his daug... 29th March 2010 Top 5 Glee Songs Glee is the highly musical television show filled with drama and of course music as well. With all the talent that is displayed it can be difficult to determine which songs are the best but some can be narrowed down to stand out more than others. My f... 29th March 2010 Summer-Time Glee Tour Madness Fox has taken a unique approach to spreading its popularity. The stars on their hit series Glee will be hitting the road starting in May. Although there are only four cities and seven shows planned currently it is something that is quite unique and a new ... 29th March 2010 Glee Season 2 Expectations It is no surprise that FOX's hit series Glee is going to be back for a second season beginning in the fall of 2010. It probably did not take a whole lot of convincing because the beginning of the first season was a huge success and drew in a variety of vi... 29th March 2010 Glee Season 1 - Hit or Miss? Good news Glee fans! The hit series with over eight million loyal fans will be returning to the network on April 13th after a four month long gap. Season 1 was focused on the Glee club's freshman season at McKinley High where they were headed for the regi... 29th March 2010 Top 5 phone Calling cards for Calling to the UK When calling to the UK from the US you are presented with several calling card choices in fact, the number of choices that you are presented with can keep you from finding the best possible product to use. Today we're going to compare the top five phone c... 26th February 2010 Skype vs. Telephone Calling Cards When we compare to services such as Skype and phone calling cards there are several benefits on both sides of the aisle so in order to choose the best one you need to remember what your own priorities are for instance, if you're someone who uses computer ... 26th February 2010