erosher's Articles en-us The iPhone 4 White Against The HTC Sensation One of the most important yet underrated aspects of any mobile phone is the operating system that it runs on. This determines exactly how you use the phone, how the menus appear and what functionality the handset offers you. We have seen several mobile... 03rd June 2011 The Blackberry Torch Blends A Touchscreen With A Qwerty Keypad The success of the Android platform in the mobile phone market along with the huge popularity of the Apple iPhone has caused RIM to rethink their strategy with regards to their Blackberry range of handsets. These phones were once the corporate mans compa... 05th May 2011 A Close Look At The HTC Chacha The second of HTCs new handsets that are optimised for Facebook use is the ChaCha, a model with an unusual name but some sensible and user friendly features that make it a great phone for all manner of users. Despite obviously holding great appeal with t... 04th May 2011 The New HTC Wildfire-The Perfect Phone For The Younger User When you take a close look at the HTC range of mobile handsets, you can easily target which models are aimed at which audience thanks to a combination of both pricing and features. The HTC Desire HD for example will appeal to multi media fans, the Desire... 12th April 2011 Connectivity Options Stand Out On The Fantastic Blackberry Torch As far as mobile handsets go, the Blackberry Torch is one with many tricks up its sleeve. A good deal of these wonderful features however have the great connectivity that this phone offers to thank. In a world where a mobile handset is much more than a ... 07th April 2011 The New Motorola Xoom Boasting Android 3.0 With tablet devices becoming the new must have gadget in the marketplace, it is becoming quite a bit of a task to differentiate between the models. There are units with small screens, large screens, varying camera specifications and an array of features ... 07th April 2011 The Amazing Defy From Motorola Takes Phone Durability To A New Level With the release of Motorolas latest smartphone offering, the Defy, the brand have given this model some unique properties to help make it stand out against the huge range of similar specification models currently available. Rather than focusing on scree... 06th April 2011 The Amazing HTC Incredible S-The Most User Friendly Handset To Date The New Incredible S handset from HTC may win many fans for its great screen or gorgeous looks, but when it comes to actually using the phone, the excellent Sense user interface that has been developed by HTC makes it a very logical yet enjoyable experien... 30th March 2011 The Amazing HTC Desire S Featuring The Functional Sense UI HTC have pushed themselves to the front of the smartphone market over the last couple of years thanks to a combination of great design, high specification features and superb functionality on their handsets. This last area has certainly been helped by th... 30th March 2011 The Amazing HTC Incredible S - The Perfect Multi Media Handset Without the hype of mobile releases such as the Motorola Defy and the LG Optimus 3D, the new HTC Incredible S has creeped up quietly without all of the attention, yet managed to steal much of the limelight thanks to thoughtful design together with a set o... 10th March 2011 A Look At The Amazing HTC Desire S The HTC Desire S is the follow up to the hugely popular original Desire handset. With such a tough act to follow, does this new model step up to the plate, or fail in its mission to replace one of the most impressive smartphones to date. In terms of l... 09th March 2011 The Amazing Galaxy S2 From Samsung - Destined To Become A Bestseller Samsung are beginning to establish a reputation as a leading phone manufacturer on the back of the success of the hugely popular Galaxy S model. It is pleasing to see that the replacement for this model, the new Galaxy S2, far exceeds what was on offer o... 09th March 2011 The Amazing Galaxy S2 From Samsung - A New High Specification Smartphone One of the biggest selling Android smart phones to date has been the Samsung Galaxy S. Looking to follow in its footsteps is the Galaxy S2, Samsungs follow up model that looks equally as impressive, if not more so thanks to a super slim profile and top o... 09th March 2011 The Samsung B7330 OmniaPro an overview The B7330 OmniaPro has been released by Samsung. It hasn't been long since they released the B7320 OmniaPro. There was nothing wrong with the model however Samsung quickly released an upgrade. Not a great deal has been changed and both handsets will serve... 26th March 2010 The Nokia 2220 Slide Pink, an Overview The Nokia 2220 Slide Pink is a great little handset. Small, simple yet very functional. It weighs in at just 93 grams and measures 97 mm x 47 mm wide and 15 mm thick. Meaning that it sits comfortably in the hand and is also easy to use. It has a 128 x 160... 22nd March 2010 A Closer Look at the Nokia 2220 Slide Pink The Nokia 2220 slide is a great looking handset with a solid feel and compact design and now comes in hot pink. Other colour options to choose from are Turquoise, Purple, Blue, Graphite and Warm Silver. It comes with a dual band handset with two version s... 22nd March 2010 The Nokia N900, an Overview The Nokia N900 is a strange but impressive model that is not a netbook but can hardly be referred to as a traditional mobile thanks to its rather bulky appearance. Nokia themselves refer to this model as a tablet with phone capabilities and that is proba... 22nd March 2010 A Closer Look at the Nokia N900 At first glance, the Nokia N900 is a sizeable mobile handset. However, considering its overall power coupled with its huge screen and full Qwerty keypad then that is not to much of a surprise, and when we delve a little further neither does it seem a maj... 22nd March 2010 A Review of the 3 INQ Chat 3G The INQ Chat 3G features a full QWERTY keyboard which is great for this social networking device. The spacious and raised keys on the keyboard are easy and very compfortable to use. The Chat 3G resembles the Blackberry Curve. It sits very comfortably in y... 22nd March 2010 A Closer Look at the LG GW520 Silver The GW520 Silver from LG is a neat, if rather unusual phone. The inclusion of a Qwerty keypad has pushed the design towards many of the more businesslike phones available, but the omission of some features including WIFI pitch it much more towards the bu... 15th March 2010 A Closer Look at the LG GD510 Pop Black In an age when consumers want the smallest phone they can, but one laden with features, LG have made a wise move in spicing up their ever popular handset the Cookie and releasing the GD510 Pop Black, which bravely attempts to achieve the above, but does i... 15th March 2010 A Closer Look at the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro The well received Sony Xperia X10 has had a little facelift. In an attempt to broaden its appeal the manufacturers have made the device attractively smaller, but at the same time somehow incorporated a Qwerty keypad within its now tiny frame. Although... 15th March 2010 A Closer Look at the Blackberry 8520 Purple The Blackberry 8520 Purple underlines Blackberrys attempts to make their handsets appeal to a broader spectrum of consumers. For a long time, the word Blackberry has been synonymous with phones with excellent connectivity options, and this is still the... 15th March 2010 A Closer Look at the Samsung Jet White Samsung have released their popular "Jet" in an impressive white finish, meaning this phone is now not only a powerful smartphone but also a fashion statement as well. Working on a version of the reliable and well received Symbian operating system, the... 15th March 2010 A Closer Look at the LG BL20 Chocolate Purple LG's history of producing superb looking mobile phone handsets continues with the addition of the BL20 Chocolate in a purple finish. But several years after the original chocolate range was released, do these new phones continue where there excellent pre... 15th March 2010 A Closer Look at the Alcatel 800 White Alcatel have continued in their tradition of making simple, practical handsets that won't break the bank with the introduction to their range of the OT800 in White. Not traditionally regarded as a manufacturer renowned for its mobile internet facilit... 15th March 2010 The Nokia E72 Silver, an Overview At a glance, the Nokia E72 Silver looks like a Blackberry. The fully functional Qwerty keypad, attractive curves and an altogether cool yet business like design. When push comes to shove however is the design just a gimmick on the part of Nokia or is th... 15th March 2010 The LG GW520 Silver, an Overview The mobile phone market has long been split into two camps, those like physical Qwerty keypads and those who do not. The first group will argue that there is nothing to match the speed of composing a message as physically pressing a button, the latter gr... 15th March 2010 The LG GD510 Pop Black, an Overview The Cookie was one of LG's most successful handsets to date, thanks to its quirky looks and excellent functionality. The GD510 Pop is LG's attempt to overhaul the Cookie in order to compete with the new breed of mobile phones. The GD510 Pop Black is a... 15th March 2010 The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro, an Overview Sony Ericsson have attempted to address some age old problems with the announcement of the release of the Xperia X10 Mini Pro. For a while now Android and Smartphones have been bulky units, so this miniature little cracker is a welcome addition, especial... 15th March 2010 The Blackberry 8520 Purple, an Overview Blackberry was once the phone of choice for the city types, a handset that made keeping up to date with everything around you easy thanks to its full qwerty keyboard and excellent connectivity options. Now in attempt to appeal to a broader market Blackbe... 15th March 2010 The Samsung Jet White, an Overview The Samsung Jet White injects a new classy look into the already popular Samsung Jet series, making this handset a serious must for smart phone fans as well as people who want their phone to make a fashion statement. The Jet Whites 3.1" screen dominate... 15th March 2010 The LG BL20 Chocolate Purple, an Overview LG's original "Chocolate" range of mobile phones was all about a sleek and attractive mobile phones whose looks didn't mean that a host of features were sacrificed. Well a few years on and LG are reviving there Chocolate range with the addition of the BL... 15th March 2010 The Alcatel 800 White, an Overview The ever stylish Alcatel 800 is now available in a striking white finish, making this handset a superb option for people who not only want a feature packed phone, but also want it to make a fashion statement as well. Measuring an impressive 111 x 58.2 ... 15th March 2010 An overview of the Nokia Booklet 3G Nokia Booklet 3G More like a miniature laptop than a phone, the Nokia Booklet 3G is Nokias attempt to break free from the traditional mobile handset market and compete with the growing range of netbooks currently available. The first thing that st... 10th February 2010 An overview of the HTC Magic The HTC magic is an impressive smartphone running on the well received Google Android operating system. The first phone to use this system was T-Mobiles G1 and it wasn't without its criticisms. Have HTC taken these on board when designing the Magic, and... 10th February 2010 An overview of the Nokia 5330 Red The new 5330 Red is the latest in the impressive range of XpressMusic handsets from Nokia. It is an elegant looking phone primarily aimed at music lovers but will be equally as appealing to social networking fans thanks to its mobile access to sites such... 10th February 2010 An overview of the HTC G1 White The HTC G1 in White. The new Google Android Operating System and software device from HTC. If you're looking for a stylish and slim phone, the G1 may not be the phone for you. Weighing in at 158g (including the Li-ion battery)and measuring 117 x... 10th February 2010 An overview of the Nokia 5230 Pink The 5230 Pink is the latest touch screen in Nokia's range. With it's intuitive, bold coloured 3.2 inch TFT resistive touch screen with widescreen display, the handset looks sleek and will immediately appeal to the more active user who wants their phone el... 10th February 2010 An overview of the Blackberry Storm 2 Blackberry have revamped their touch screen range by introducing the Storm 2, the successor to the original and widely criticised Storm. Have the improvements however propelled Blackberry into a battle of the big guns with the likes of Apple and Palm. ... 10th February 2010 An overview of the HTC Touch HD2 Introducing the HTC Touch HD2 Any new smartphone that is revealed tends to immediately draw natural comparisons to Apples iPhone, quite often unfairly so. However with the release of the Touch HD2 the comparisons are justifiable due to its sleek looks... 10th February 2010 An overview of the Motorola ZN300 Motorola are due to launch there new slide phone, the ZN300, a device designed to appeal to both multimedia users and social networking fans alike. The ZN300 is a quad band mobile featuring a 2.1 inch TFT screen with a resolution of 240 x 320, and ca... 10th February 2010 An overview of the LG GT540 LG are soon to release their third android smartphone, the GT540. The handset itself has a very stylish finish, but has enough features and technology behind the scenes to appeal to the more tech savvy amongst us. The GT540 features a large 3" TFT to... 10th February 2010 An overview of the Samsung S5150 Diva Part of Samsungs 2010 phone line up will include the new S5150 Diva, and as you would expect from the name, it is being aimed at the female market. The key aspect of this handset is design, with a silver embossed shell design which closes up over the scr... 10th February 2010 An overview of the Palm Pixi Introducing the second WebOS phone from Palm, The Pixi. The Palm Pixi is an attractive, small and sleek device with a curved back which adds to the modern look. It weighs in at 3.26 ounces and measuring 2.17 inches wide, 4.37 inches heigh and 0.43 inc... 10th February 2010