Donald Anthony's Articles en-us Prophecies of Calamity in the Year 2012 The more you read about 2012, the more you see an abundance of people throughout the world believing in the prophecies of disaster in that year. Not only do people believe in the coming armageddon in 2012, but more and more are getting ready and preparing... 08th February 2010 How To Create A Solar Panel Easily And Quickly The significant thing about understanding how to build a solar panel is understanding basic carpentry skills. Once you have these skills down pat, all should actually be fairly simple. Here is a quick and simple instruction manual for what you need, and h... 01st February 2010 Discover How To Construct A Solar Panel If you have fundamental carpentry skills, learning how to create a solar panel is relatively straight forward. The job can be accomplished in just about an afternoon really, though there is no want to hurry of course. Here is a quick guide to what you req... 01st February 2010 Discover How To Make A Solar Panel When learning how to put together a solar panel, the actual course of action itself is deceptively easy. However, it will be important to know basic carpentry skills, and be positive in the use of standard household tools and methods. These things conside... 01st February 2010 2012 End Of The World: True Or False? There has been quite a bit of hysteria regarding 2012 predictions and prophecies. It's not surprising that so many people are researching to find their own versions of fact and fiction surrounding this contentious subject. Millions of pages in print and o... 27th January 2010