Guna's Articles en-us Benefits of Recycling Recycling is the act of processing used or abandoned materials and using it as raw materials for new products. It becomes a civic necessity nowadays to recycle these wastes because of the shortage of the raw materials availability in earth. Studies show ... 15th January 2010 Aluminium and steel recycling Steel and aluminium are common materials in the manufacturing industry. The global steel consumption is around 2 billion metric tons every year and the aluminium consumption is around 30 million tons in 2009. Europe and North American countries are playin... 08th January 2010 Recycling to reduce pollution Pollution is said to be the biggest mistake caused by the human beings in modern world. In general we can define this pollution as mixing up the dangerous contaminants in the environment or near atmosphere of the earth. These pollutants can be any one of ... 08th January 2010 Global Warming – Hard facts Global warming is the most dangerous issue happening right before our eyes. In common we call it as the increase in temperature of earths near surface. This rise in temperature is resultant of the increase in the green house gases produced by various sour... 08th January 2010 Grab Attention With Press Releases Are you thinking of launching a new website or a business and want to make it popular among people in a very short span of time? Then you should consider issuing a Press Release on the internet which will help you market your launch effectively and effici... 08th January 2010 7 Tips to Write the Perfect Press Release press releases play an important role in web promotion. In fact, a single well written press release can promote a site effectively. However, to write an effective press release is indeed a tough task. So how do you go about it? In this article we talk ab... 07th January 2010