Grey Matter India (GMI) Technologies Pvt Ltd.'s Articles en-us Do You Know What To Ask To A BlackBerry Developer When You Hire Him Or Her? In such a rapidly growing market of BlackBerry mobile and devices, it has become imperative for the businesses to have their own BlackBerry to survive in the market. However, to develop a BlackBerry, they need to hire a dedicated BlackBerry Programmer an... 08th April 2015 Platforms and Devices for the Future: Let Mobile Software Development Companies decide the Survivor In purview of smart phone platform owners, trying to surmount its rivals, mobile software development companies are leaning more towards cross platform application development than focusing to build for a single market. Mobile platforms have adopted large... 08th October 2012 Communication through Tags: Are Android Application Development Companies NFC-Ready? Circumvented with a variety of Patent issues, Android still manages to be the top selling platform in the smart phone world. With almost half a million successful app submissions, apparently Android application development companies have a lot more to off... 08th October 2012