Francisco Ternandes's Articles en-us The Wonders of Hyaluronic Acid Serum Ever asked yourself why your date didn't call again or wouldn't return your calls after that dinner you had? Perhaps it has something to do with first impressions. You see, people don't often realize that while beauty is indeed only skin deep, having sk... 15th December 2009 Stopping the Signs of Aging Through the Obagi Skin Care System Stress can be a constant and stubborn companion, especially for people on their 30's and up. So the next time you find yourself feeling worn out, don't compensate by reaching out for that bag of chips or for that chocolate bar. Instead, live the healthy... 15th December 2009 Factors that Affect Skin Aging Wrinkles and discoloration are serious signs of aging. For the baby boomer, this is a big problem. That's why scientifically-based products are now in great demand. Thanks to several skin innovations, looking younger is not as impossible as you think. ... 15th December 2009