Paul Summers's Articles en-us If You Can Make A House Look Great, You Could Be Selling Photography In The Property Market! I discovered this plan for selling photography almost by accident, but it works extremely well, if you are willing to put in the groundwork. Estate agents need great photographs of the houses they are selling, to entice customers into at least viewing the... 04th April 2011 Interested In Selling Photography Services? You Could Start Tomorrow! Many things you have learned about photography are untrue. Chief among these is the belief you need a professional set up to earn your living. There are plenty of long-term plans whereby you can learn how to sell photographs and make a sustainable income.... 31st March 2011 How To Sell Photos In The Dangerous World Of Wedding Photography! While wedding photography is a very competitive business, if you are determined you can learn how to sell photos in this market. It is, of course, not for the faint hearted. Ideally, you will have many other less taxing assignments under your belt before ... 16th March 2011 Digital Photography Guide - Training Can Easily Put You On The Road To Professional Images! Your new camera is out of the box, the power's on and you're ready to go. Time to reach for the handbook which came with it. Hmm...let's see, there's a "Speedy Start up" manual or even the full coaching book. Should you be just like the majority, you will... 03rd June 2010 Beginners Photography - Use Simple Habits For Better Photographs! Moving from an average photographer to a good one does not require a quantum leap. To many beginners, photography starts out as a casual hobby, where bad habits can be formed. These can be difficult to change later. But some simple to follow tips can quic... 13th May 2010 Photography Course Online - Now Discover The Secret Of The Photographer's Eye! What does "developing a photographer's eye" actually mean? I have seen many different definitions of this but, to me, it is the ability to spot photographic opportunities that would pass the non-photographer by. Even a casual or novice photographer would ... 12th May 2010 Digital Photography Guide - A Glossary Of Essential Digital Photography Terms - Part 1! For those new to digital photography, there can be a vast amount of literature to read on such a wide reaching subject. There are also terms used that, while being understood by the experienced photographer, can mean little to the novice. Therefore, I hav... 27th April 2010 Digital Photography Guide - A Glossary Of Common Digital Photography Terms - Part 2! Welcome to another in this occasional series of digital photography guides, aiming to provide easy to understand explanations of some common photography terms you may encounter. Hopefully this glossary will help if you have recently come across a term for... 26th April 2010 Photography Course Online - Unleash Your Hidden Skills - Discover How To Take Perfect Photographs! Digital Photography lets you create the picture you want every time. Let's face it, you can always edit it in Photoshop later, if necessary. However, digital photography can also make you lazy, and stop you from realising your full potential. I have alway... 01st March 2010