Huey Davis's Articles en-us Blow Drying 101 – Top Pro Tips Do you really need a guide for how to blow dry your hair? You wouldn't think so, but if you want to make your hair look as shiny and perfect as the stars, then read on. We have gathered the top tips from a selection of Hollywood's top hair stylists. Check... 08th September 2010 How to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft Identity theft is the crime that happens when a criminal poses as someone else regardless of the motivation, which most often is money. Identity theft is a serious crime and one that can ruin your life in worst case. It's a much more serious issue than so... 16th July 2010 Should the legal drinking age be lowered? Many justification for lowering the legal drinking age follow a certain logic. Many rights and responsibilities that come along at 18 seem serious, but against the discretion of knowing when to drink and having the right to drink responsibly, it seems to ... 19th February 2010 Alchohol and the legal drinking age Man has been carrying on a love story with alcohol since the first hops steamed past the sugar matter and turned acid into alcohol. That must have been a lively night by the campfire, to be sure. Impulse-driven cavemen with no cable and no Cavesports Illu... 19th February 2010