vidahumphreys's Articles en-us Skin Care Is More Than Just Vanity Skin Care Is More Than Just Vanity Some people are more fortunate than others when it comes to how good their skin looks but how they achieve this is not a secret; by performing some simple skin care techniques every day, results should be seen quite... 06th January 2010 Ways To Prevent And Reduce Wrinkles With Food Let’s face it we all get wrinkles eventually. How soon you get them is partly due to heredity. If your mother or grandmother got wrinkles in their 50’s, chances are you may also. In addition, weather, environment and different types of foods m... 08th December 2009 Simply Anti Aging - To Sauna Or Steam There is some confusion between the terms "steam bath" and "saunas". Saunas use a heater, have very low humidity and produce temperatures of a safe 80c and 100c. Saunas are usually wood lined and have wooden benches to relax on. They are insulated to reta... 18th November 2009