Frank Bilotta's Articles en-us 73-year-old German record finally acknowledged It seems like a long time ago for NY resident Gretel Bergmann, in fact it was a long time ago that the former Olympic high jumper had her record taken away because of her heritage. Bergmann was one of the top female athletes in 1936 Olympics that also fea... 08th January 2010 DISH NETWORK’S Sports pack a better value than DIRECTV’S Being a person who has seen both sides of what both Dish Network and Directv has to offer in their respective sports packages I would have to say that Dish Network comes out clearly the winner. Both packages are tailored toward allowing sports fans to ... 08th January 2010 Will the FCC and congress be able to make TV companies share all their networks? With the economy being in a downward spiral and TV providers fighting over customers the same problems still seem to still go unresolved for years now by the FCC. One of the main things that cable and satellite companies seem to still argue over is the ri... 08th January 2010 Some political wars leaves no one Untouchable I know political arguments can get bad, especially when rival parties start digging through their opponents past to try and find any dirt the can. Just recently on of the republicans top GOP rising star Senator John Ensign R-Nevada, admitted to having an ... 08th January 2010 What Ever Happened to Molly Ringwald?-Dish What Ever Happened to Molly Ringwald? Molly was huge when I was in high school even though her most popular movies at the time were a few years old. She was the redheaded role model for many young girls- not to mention a decent actress. I recall cuttin... 08th January 2010 I Flew Solo to the Movies! I finally did it! I flew solo to the movies! I was going to be in another town Sunday while waiting for my husband to go into work for a few extra hours and I had nothing to do. I was brainstorming on what I could possibly do to entertain myself on a ... 07th January 2010 Sly Stallone-Mini Bio Check out great action movies and dramas starring Sly Stallone on the premium channels with Dish Network satellite TV! Many of us know Sylvester Stallone for his performance in the Rocky films as well as Rambo, Cliffhanger and Cop Land (one of my fav... 07th January 2010 Acts of Kindness This Holiday Season I was standing in line this morning waiting to order my coffee. The line was unusually long, perhaps because everyone wanted to warm up from the 5-degree weather today in Worcester, Massachusetts! The line included the usual suspects; a man with his dau... 07th January 2010 Edward Woodward-The Equalizer Dies Accomplished actor Edward Woodward died today, November 16, 2009 at 79 years of age. This is a loss to the world of entertainment as Woodward has starred in 36 movies, 16 stage productions, 7 made-for-TV films, 14 TV specials and 21 television series si... 07th January 2010 Movies-Theater-DVD-Dish Network! Movies at the Theater, on DVD and on Dish Network This Weekend! So many great movies were released in theaters last weekend that it was difficult to decide which one to see first! Let's see if the movies slated for release today can compare to last w... 06th January 2010 Entertainment News! Entertainment News! Actors of the Decade has picked their five best actors of the decade. The 2000's were big for many new actors and some were finally brought into the limelight. Some have been around for a while but never fail to de... 06th January 2010 Celebrity News! Hope you had a great holiday weekend! Check out E! Entertainment Television with Dish Network satellite TV for more up to the minute celebrity news. Here's the scoop of the day… Charlie Sheen Tiger Woods isn't the only man making headlines for mist... 06th January 2010 Make Dish Your New Year's Resolution Are you resolving to have more fun and free time in 2010? Dish Network is packed with built-in entertainment for you and your family at a reasonable price. Save money and get more quality entertainment this year with America's number one satellite televis... 05th January 2010 Channels Time Warner could lose on 1/1/10 Even though negotiations still continue on, it does not seem as though Time Warner will be able to work out a deal to continue airing Fox network programming. But it's not just the Fox network and FX channel that Time Warner customers would be losing; oth... 05th January 2010 What Happened To Our Civility? I wonder when we'll be able to return to a period of greater civility and common decency in in both our own local public political meetings as well as in our own House of Representatives. Of course, I am referring to the outburst of a Congressman Joseph W... 05th January 2010 Could Internet users have prevented the Detroit terrorist plot? The 23 year old Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab who went by the online name of "Farouk1986"starting posting message online in early 2005 about how he was having a hard time making friends, and fitting in at his boarding school. He also sought out guidance to he... 05th January 2010 Obama Wasn't Kidding About Being The Education President If President Obama has his way, next summer's public school vacation may be sharply reduced. The president believes that American kids spend too little time in school, and this puts them at a disadvantage with other students around the globe. He knows ... 05th January 2010 Does the News Serve a Purpose in Our Society? When I refer to the news, I obviously am not referring to local, fatal automobile accidents, house fires, neighborhood drive-by shootings, murders at the hands of gangmembers, or any other horrible incidents that we see every week on television. I find ... 04th January 2010 President Obama Will Teach Schools a Lesson What's all the hoopla about regarding the president's address to the nation's schoolchildren today? President Barack Obama just wants to give the nation's students some fatherly advice that any one of us would give our own kids: 'to take responsibility... 04th January 2010 Movies on Dish In Theaters: Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel I can't wait to take my daughter to see this movie. It looks absolutely adorable! We haven't seen the first one, so I think I'll rent it a day before we see the sequel. I figured it would be a great... 30th December 2009 Celebrity News! Ryan Kwanten The hit TV show True Blood has made quite a star of Ryan Kwanten. Michael Ball, the creator of the popular TV series is proud of Kwanten's performance on the show. Evidently Kwanten is a little brighter than his TV character. Ball said, "Rya... 30th December 2009 Time Warner could take away FX starting New Years day For some of us the loss of the FX channel means a lot considering a lot of the best TV shows are carried by the network. Shows like Sons Of Anarchy, Nip Tuck, Damages, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and the hit new show The League; which all about guys... 30th December 2009 Heart-Warming Movies for the Holiday Season There are many high-quality films to choose from with the 31 premium channels that are offered with Dish along with many free movies on major networks. Here is a list of entertaining films to share with the your family today, Wednesday on the premium chan... 29th December 2009 FREE Christmas Movies! Here is a list of what you can expect for your Christmas-time entertainment for the rest of this week for free with Dish Network! FREE MOVIES! Wednesday 12/16/09 Manna From Heaven at 8:00 p.m. on REEL Christmas Child at 9:00 p.m. on Lifetime ... 29th December 2009 Time Warner Customers could be losing FOX programming While the deal is still under negotiations, it does not look good for Time Warner cable customers who could be losing all of their Foxprogramming channels. For months now the two companies have been trying to work out a deal that benefits both companies b... 23rd December 2009 Movies-Inglorious Basterds-The Other Man-Public Enemies There were so many great movies showing over the weekend with Dish Network's premium channels that it was difficult to choose which movie to watch! I absolutely had to check out Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds so I decided to hit the video store... 23rd December 2009 Successful Actors in Bad Films-Overlooked Actors For guaranteed award-winning entertainment, check out great movies on 5StarMax with Dish Network! Have you ever watched a movie and wondered why one or more successful actors ever took a role in the film because the movie was so bad? Here are my pick... 22nd December 2009 Missing sailor found in the Caribbean I don't know about most kids but when I was 14 years old the Nintendo and my bicycle were the main hobbies in my life beside sports. But watching all the breaking news on CNN and other major news channels last weekend about Laura Dekker a young girl from ... 22nd December 2009 Clint Eastwood-Invictus Director Clint Eastwood does it again. He directed the film Invinctus; a drama based on the life of Nelson Mandela set to be released in theaters on December 11, 2009. Clint Eastwood is one of the most accomplished stars in Hollywood. He knows the movie b... 22nd December 2009 Celebrity Couples- Cheating-Dish Check out Dish Network for the latest scoop on your favorite celebrity couples with MTV, VH1 and E! Entertainment Television! Is money the root of all evil? It certainly seems like it with cases such as Tiger Woods'. Is it the money, the person's need ... 22nd December 2009 Tebow last home game will be something to remember When people say Tim Tebow is the "big man on campus" that's an understatement, the University of Florida quarterback is a living legend not only on the campus, but also all across the southeastern states. While there have been many great football players ... 21st December 2009 Haunted Hollywood-Bio There is plenty of talk of how haunted Hollywood really may be. The Biography Channel on Dish Network is now covering the show Celebrity Ghost Stories on which celebrities tell their tales of horror. Much of this haunting takes place in Hollywood. Perhaps... 21st December 2009 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition-A New Life for a Special Family I was watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition last night on ABC as Ty Pennington helped to create a new life for a special, well-deserved family. The family consisted of the mother and father and two children. The father was a firefighter who was involved... 21st December 2009 Jon Runyan for Congress In what is said to be his last year in the NFL San Diego Chargers offensive lineman Jon Runyan will leave the gridiron after this season is over and give politics a shot. Runyan will be running for the congress position in the state of New Jersey that was... 18th December 2009 Jeter wins SI Sportsman Award Not many players could've dreamt of a better season then the one New York Yankees short stop Derek Jeter had. Not only did he win the World Series but also multiple awards like the Hank Aaron Award, Gold Glove Award, Silver Slugger Award, Roberto Clemente... 18th December 2009 Governor Patrick Appoints Kirk To Kennedy’s Senate Seat It looks like lawmakers in Massachusetts have given the governor the power to appoint an interim replacement for the late Ted Kennedy's US Senate seat after all. The Massachusetts House had earlier passed the bill allowing Governor Deval Patrick to nam... 16th December 2009 An Early Halloween Celebration This is a long blog, but it is well worth the read if you love horror, food, drinks, friends and a good story. I was searching the Dish Network channel guide to see what suspenseful movies will be on for the remainder of September. Now that October is jus... 16th December 2009 Troubled Actors There are so many actors who lead troubled lives that I just had to do some digging around for some samples. Here's what I found: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen What happened to baby Michelle? These girls probably weighed more when they were on Full ... 14th December 2009 What Some Of Your Favorite Movies Could Have Been Called Naming a movie is not an easy task, especially when millions of production dollars are involved. Here are what some of your favorite films were almost called, and ask yourself if you would have gone to go see these movies with their alternate titles. P... 14th December 2009 Haunted Movie Sets and Ghostly Encounters Can there be a curse on the set of a movie? Some say yes. Here are some crazy instances of death and haunting on set: Poltergeist You have probably heard about the fact that a number of people died who were involved in this movie- Seven to be exact.... 11th December 2009 Since 9-11 Do You Feel Safe? Every time I turn on a news channel whether its FOX, CNN, CBS, or ABC all I see is sad stories of politicians using government funds for their personal use, or unremorseful talk show host David Letterman revealing to the world that he cheated on his wife ... 11th December 2009 Five Musicians Who Should Have Been Famous Pete Best, Former Drummer, The Beatles How can you be kicked out of the greatest rock band ever? Pete Best goes down in history as the most famous person, famous for not being famous. Best left the band just two years before their historic Ed Sullivan sh... 10th December 2009 Five Female Pioneers In Film Amelia will be premiering in movie theaters tonight. Hilary Swank will star as Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly an airplane over the Atlantic Ocean. This historical moment reminded me of a few women who made their mark in film history. I came up wit... 10th December 2009 A Batty Experience I was browsing for upcoming free movies on TV and noticed something that caught my eye on the SyFy Channel. There was a movie on called Bats: Human Harvest. It sounds pretty freaky to me considering it involves the creation of genetically engineered bats ... 09th December 2009 Stolen Movie Ideas Are Movie Ideas Ever Stolen? The idea for Jingle All The Way with Arnold Schwarzenegger was stolen. 20th Century Fox lost a $19 million dollar lawsuit in 2001 to a high school teacher named Brian Webster. He wrote and copyrighted the script and sent it... 04th December 2009