Joe Kanooga's Articles en-us Tips for Storing Melissa and Doug Wooden Toys & Legos Building Blocks Ever stepped on a Lego barefoot in the dark? If you have (and you didn't immediately consign the whole minefield of such crippling objects to the nearest available garage sale!), you are probably eagerly searching for appropriate storage containers and id... 24th November 2009 Toys Figures Like Schleich Miniatures Help Improve Diorama Projects Are you ready to take on a new diorama project? This article explains how you can take any diorama to the next level by using colorful, high quality toy figures, such as Safari or Schleich miniatures. Diorama projects put a demand on your creative tal... 24th November 2009 4 Stages of Playing with Building Blocks Toys An infant or toddler's brain is constantly growing and expanding. For this reason, the early years of child development are the best time for parents to provide their kids with helpful aids to stimulate and facilitate mental development. So what is a pare... 11th November 2009 Melissa & Doug Wooden Puzzles Help Toddler Development Wooden puzzles encourage many types of physical and emotional development among toddlers, while at the same time providing durable, low-cost toys for toddlers. Non-toxic puzzles with smooth-edged pieces are safe for toddlers, as well as easy for them to p... 11th November 2009