Alberto Stellpflug's Articles en-us [New Corcentric Webinar] How Zero Becomes the Winning Number for Accounts Payable Transportation must be very comfortable and joyous. The level of solace determines the fatigue that grips the customers. We provide the most convenient Paris airport shuttle services at affordable costs. Airport shuttle Before embarking on your journey... 06th February 2017 Peter Thomas Senese: Best-Selling Geopolitical Novelist Releases Electrifying International Financia (1888PressRelease) Best-selling thriller author Peter Thomas Senese's 'The Den Of The Assassin' is steeped in the new realities of our post 9/11 geopolitical world. Commencing in the concrete canyons of New York City's Wall Street, we are soon pulled into... 24th November 2011 We must stop the abuse and protect the rights of people. Why do we allow bad things happen (1888PressRelease) Is responsibility of every, and each one of us, not to be in silence when we see abuses and lack of justice with defenseless people: elderly, citizens with needs, and I would also like to mention "undocumented people"; people like us, w... 28th October 2011 Paul Chehade for US President 2012 - Election 2012 - Independent (1888PressRelease) Paul Chehade - Independent for US President 2012. It is time for all proud Americans to return to our values, to the foundation of our nation. We have had enough of politics and partisan privileges. I am not a politician, not a milliona... 28th June 2011 Tsunami Worldwide Media Announces Tee Time with Susan Anton Television Series for Fall 2011 (1888PressRelease) Tsunami Worldwide Media is pleased to announce the new television series Tee Time with Susan Anton for Fall of 2011; Susan will take viewers on a weekly travel adventure with her dynamic sense of style and no-nonsense approach to travel... 31st May 2011 Sherry Aiken Urges Retirees To Get Involved In Community This Holiday Season (1888PressRelease) Sherry Aiken is known as a creative person and has spent the past few years as a retired individual. Through her experience as a retiree, Sherry Aiken has come to understand the ups and downs of no longer being part of the work force. S... 10th January 2011 Dr. Christopher Zaino Announces 2011 Release Date for New Book Titled, Winning Your Race (1888PressRelease) Dr. Zaino graduated from the prestigious Parker College of Chiropractic in 2005 and consistently furthers his education by attending seminars and analyzing the most up to date research on chiropractic and health in order to be the best ... 04th January 2011 Cantor & Webb P.A. Further Expands Its International Tax Department (1888PressRelease) With the additions of associate attorneys Daniel Martinez and Stephen Nerland, Cantor & Webb P.A. rivals in size the private international client practice groups of many larger law firms. Miami, Florida - Cantor & Webb P.A., internat... 22nd November 2010 Merchant Services Volunteers Deliver Helping Hand to Local School Children (1888PressRelease) Nathan Jurczyk said "Supporting our community is core to our business philosophy. As a business, it's important to be a responsible corporate citizen, and we are proud of the efforts of our volunteers in helping these kids with being su... 01st November 2010 Jean Marie Joly ECPAT Appeal for Assistance to Help Victims in Pakistan and Guinea Bissau (1888PressRelease) Jean Marie Joly was instrumental in founding ECPAT France and Acting for Life with the principle of identifying and working with grass-root associations in poor countries that do not have the means to assist their own people. Paris, ... 22nd September 2010 Scott Stapp is back together with Creed for 2010 tour! (1888PressRelease) Creed's frontman Scott Stapp is getting back together with Creed for 2010 Tour. Indeed, Full Circle represents the band at its best, with the first single, "Overcome," spotlighting Creed's remarkable transformation and welcome comeback ... 12th August 2010 Green Business Success: Ontario Canada's Green Construction Companies: Abcott Construction, Restorat (1888PressRelease) We build strong partnerships! Our commitment to environmental stewardship and following LEED and Green Construction industry practices is our market strategy. Since 1972 Abcott Construction and REC since 1989 we have been proud to offer... 19th July 2010 Racism and discrimination against immigrants and minorities in the United States . Paul Chehade:. (1888PressRelease) It is difficult to describe the sensation I felt when Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed SB1070. I felt an emotional maelstrom of disgust, despair and utter cynicism over Gov. Brewer's decision to implement the most draconian and most s... 15th July 2010 First Time Author Sharon Henry Releases her book The Embalmer (1888PressRelease) What started as a school assignment has turned into an engaging story for first time author Sharon Henry. It's about one man's journey to overcome his claustrophobic disease so that he can be a better husband, father and friend. BOST... 28th June 2010 We must stop the abuse and protect the rights of people. Why do we allow bad things happen and nobod (1888PressRelease)Is responsibility of every, and each one of us, not to be in silence when we see abuses and lack of justice with defenseless people: elderly, citizens with needs, and I would also like to mention "undocumented people"; people like us, wi... 20th April 2010 Club Sea Breeze Stands Set To Revolutionize The Home Based Travel Business (1888PressRelease)Club Sea Breeze stands to become one of the best home business opportunities of 2010. By offering an excellent club membership package with benefits comparable to other travel memberships costing nearly ten times more than the Club Sea B... 16th April 2010 London Sash Window Company Develops Ground Breaking Test Tube Timber Manufacturing Technology (1888PressRelease)The Wooden Window Workshop has officially declared to the global scientific community that they have found a fast, practical and consistent method of laboratory grown timber. After twenty long years of research into laboratory grown t... 01st April 2010 WITS not for profit is donating 100 Computers and Laptops to needy families in Missouri/Illinois for Missouris largest not for profit recycler reuses computers and electronics back into the community by donation 100 computers and laptops to low income needy families. (1888PressRelease) November 17, 2009 - 100 Free Computers to needy in Missouri and Il... 24th November 2009