Brigette Federico's Articles en-us Nanny Agency London If you are a British nanny looking for recruitment overseas it can be overwhelming trying to find an agency to represent you and find you suitable employment. There are many London nanny agencies to choose from but finding the right one for you can take t... 14th September 2011 Dont just throw your old phone away. Bored with your old phone? Jealous of your friend's new smartphone? We all want to keep up with the latest technology. Phones are just getting better and better. With all those games and apps, their like super powerful computers in your pocket. That seem ... 10th February 2011 How new PCB design tools are tackling environmental compliance A number of PCB design tools, e.g. Cadence Allegro and OrCAD, have been updated to address environmental concerns. As well as adhering to RoHS/WEEE regulations by using components that are low in lead, mercury and a number of other toxic chemicals, the... 18th January 2011 The impact of mobile phones on the environment In the UK there is on average a staggering 80 million mobile phones in operation at any one time - and this number is growing constantly. Unfortunately, our consumer led society has changed the way we buy mobile phones. Mobile phones are viewed as fashion... 13th September 2010 The increasing need for mobile phones For children to develop their own confidence and feel happy in themselves, it is important that they make a few friends in school. The social skills learnt inevitably follow them through their childhood and into adulthood. The importance of social skills ... 30th July 2010 Spoilt for choice Securing mobile phone services for your business is far from a difficult process. However, securing the best possible package of hardware and service provision does require more than simply just a bit of luck and some shiny new handsets. At Active Dig... 04th May 2010 The best deal for you Choosing a mobile phone is a complex and lengthy process and you must firstly decide what you require from both your mobile phone and the tariff that would best suit your requirements. For many, we want a mobile phone contract that provides us with as man... 10th March 2010 Add some bling to your outfit Sparkle is at the height of fashion and if you scour any pages of fashion magazines then glitz and glamour is all you will see. If somebody had said that sequins would be seen out in the real world as opposed to just on Strictly Come Dancing then we would... 05th February 2010