BrentYoder's Articles en-us Assistance From An International Adoption Agency For Foreign Adoption Families are often demoralized by the immense paperwork needed for the home study method of international adoption. I usually inform families that though the list seems complex, it is achievable and can be done fairly swiftly, if a family can get their pa... 21st October 2009 The Home Study System for International Adoption. When a family begins with the home study procedure for an international adoption, they are often unsettled by the list of paperwork required from them. I often advise families that although the list seems intimidating, it is completely do-able and can be ... 21st October 2009 Things To Consider Before Overseas Adoption Coming to the choice to adopt internationally initiates an unforgettable journey. For many families, adopting internationally will be the most major event of their lives leading to the fulfillment of having a kid and completing their dreams of a family. A... 29th September 2009 Medical Advice For International Adoption Coming to the decision to adopt internationally initiates an extraordinary journey. For a number of families, adopting internationally is the most exciting and important event in their life leading to the fulfillment of having a child and completing their... 28th September 2009