Scotjain's Articles en-us Celebrity news and gossip - Best way to get entertained A few people known as celebrities as they get expertise in any one of the well-known fields like movies and sports. Another aspect of the lives of such celebrities called as gossips. Gossips are in fact news about personal and professional lives of a cele... 17th August 2011 Why people love browsing through celebrity pictures? There are many people who like to browse through celebrity pictures. There are a few people who also make hobbies out of celebrity pictures by making use of them as desktop pictures. Mostly, teenagers like browsing celebrity wallpapers. Browsing through... 21st June 2011 Celebrity gossip: everyone loves it Everybody loves to hear and discuss about celebrities. Celebrity gossip, everybody loves it. This is the best topic to open a conversation with friends and at social gatherings. The audience is also curious about the famous celebrities. When you mention t... 16th May 2011 Reese Witherspoon-A famous celebrity Reese Witherspoon is the lady who charmed Hollywood audience with her brilliant acting in the special genre of films. She has spread her charisma all over the entertainment world and is now the Most Popular Female Star. Reese Witherspoon-a famous celebr... 08th February 2011