sunny12's Articles en-us What the Easiest way of sharing your video & audio files online Here is situation, which occur almost too often on Internet. You have video, audio or other files which you would like to share with your friends and family on message boards, chats, blogs or just on your personal web page. To do that you have three op... 01st December 2009 The Mind Power of Audio Programs Teach You. What is on your wish list A look at the papers throw the problems that plague most of us …lack of money, health, looks, self esteem... Well, what is on your wish list Losing Weight Getting a Promotion Quitting Smoking Buying that dream car Relief fro... 25th November 2009 We Making Gifts A Pleasure; some might say it should be a pleasure for giver and recipient. Offering a gift can be a mutual pleasure; some might say it should be a pleasure for giver and recipient. A problem with a modern commercial Christmas, however, is that buying gifts can become a chore. Often it is a stress ridden chore in the dying days b... 24th November 2009 Baby Girl Shower Invitations The baby shower ceremonies are usually celebrated during the pregnancy period. By convention, baby showers are held for the first child. Baby showers are organized to receive or arrange funds for the would be parents. This is an immense help for the first... 24th November 2009 XCACLS, SUNINACL, and other Permissions Security Recovery about several Tools The Data Is Copied, But I Cannot Access It Permissions Security Problem What you did not know, until just now, is that the root directory of the drive that you copied the data to had the wrong permissions assigned to it. In addition, inheritance was co... 13th October 2009