Chris Cornell 's Articles en-us Digital Photo Printing Dos and Don’ts Technological advancement has made it possible for digital photo printing to be done at home. Since the emergence of this particular advancement, the need to get photographs developed by professionals has been greatly reduced. This reduction can be direct... 21st February 2011 What is Call Forwarding? Call forwarding is an application that allows phone users to direct incoming calls to alternative numbers or phones. This application can be used for either home phones or mobile phones.*72 or *73 are both umbers that most service providers use to for th... 10th February 2011 Unified Communications: A Single Package Deal Unified communications is a way of offering bundled services to a person instead of just one. For example, when we subscribe for an Internet connection we get a telephone, a modem/router and also a separate IP address. The telephone has furthermore featur... 10th February 2011 Heavenly Bodies Where Stars Form? There are many reasons to have a fascination with stars, as one of the most mind blowing creations on this planet. The brilliant sparkle that lights the night sky has been a phenomenon to many, and even more interesting is the fact that they are actually ... 10th February 2011 Watching Thriller Movies Thriller movies, unlike other common genres, have the powerful effect to be able to influence our brains. It works in a way that watching these movies can slowly plant a unique logic into our minds that enhances our ability to think deeper and smarter. Fr... 28th December 2010 List of Animation Movies There are several movies that come under the animation movies list. One of the most popular and has received high rankings throughout the world is the Batman Begins. Before it was introduced, the Dark Knight’s was the major monopolizing movie but Batman B... 28th December 2010 Unforgettable Drama Movies There are several films noted to the best drama movies. They include Citizen Kane released in 1941, Godfather, a production during the 1972 and Schindler’s List in the era of 1993. These movies have been popular releases that were able to give immense imp... 28th December 2010 Best 3D Movies Of course, there are numerous best movies available for audiences to enjoy but 3D has been the current vogue and latest movie feature to lure people into watching. For instance, the Piranha 3D is one apparent example where the gist of the story reveals El... 28th December 2010 Tips For Picking Good Movies If you are given the opportunity to select a movie, be sure to glance through all the good movies before making a right decision. Perhaps the initial step is to dictate the genre of film that suits both you and your companion. And for this, you can probab... 28th December 2010 Top Animated Movies Among the many best animated movies, Shrek, released in 2001 was one awesome film, wining the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. It was an American movie based on the fairy tale of Willian Steig’s book released in 1990. Commercially, it was truly su... 28th December 2010 List of Top Horror Movies Although the selection of movies depends solely on your personal preferences, you can browse through the top horror movies to see if you are keen in watching them. There are several highly rated movies that any horror fanatic should really watch. One of t... 24th December 2010 What You Need to know about Pine Needle Basket Making You must have been intrigued by one and decided that you have to learn how to make a pine needle basket as a new hobby. The fact is that with a bit of instructions, weaving skills and dedication, by observing these few tips, you are well on your way! ... 14th October 2010 Steps to Making Torchon Lace Torchon lace, which falls loosely in the category of ‘grounded’ laces is one of the oldest types of laces around and is indigenous to Europe. It differs from other types of laces – heavily patterned stitch areas, by having lesser pattern stitch than groun... 14th October 2010 Mastering Leatherworking Patterns Leatherworking is a primary trade skill in the World of Warcraft. It deals with the making of items from the skin of animals. It could be armour, quivers, kits, drum skins, key chains, etc. Classes that can benefit from leatherworking patterns are those t... 14th October 2010 Different Styles of Painting India as a land of diversity also inhabits various forms of beautiful paintings. The styles of Indian painting are always on the top of world. This is because India has developed geographic and regional diversity. Whether it is about miniatures or murals,... 14th October 2010 We’re leaving This World! Creating a canvas photo print is not hard but very easy and manageable. The process jumpstarts through uploading the photos you want worked on, pay the charges and wait for a specified period of time for the canvas photos to be delivered. Nonetheless, to ... 19th January 2010 Advantages of Online Ordering System In this world where the people don't have any time to even live, moving to the markets to buy something has gone out of window. This has given birth to the ecommerce where people are happy to follow the click and order procedure. This applies to the food ... 30th December 2009 What is a Nic Card? Also known as the Network Interface Card, the Nic card is a set of circuit boards that is essential in networking. It is placed as an added hardware or to the mother board of the computer. More often than not, the new computer models have extra slots wher... 29th December 2009 My Inspiration for Film Making Recently, I went to a local short film festival that featured many stories from real life - or at least they claimed to be based on a true story! The films were all awesome and entertaining, and it made me realise that there are so many different things t... 14th December 2009 Get free iPhone, in Your Christmas Wish List The latest tech craze to hit the shores of average mobile phone users is none other than iPhone. This palm-sized piece of gadgetry may be enough to make you feel like you are either a secret agent or a character from Star Trek. The ubiquitous cell is beyo... 09th December 2009 Amazing Real Stories from People's Lives The news is the best medium where we can observe the goings-on of life and surrounding events. Usually reporters are responsible for taking a step towards public enlightenment of a person's affairs. The stories from people can reach the audience through w... 09th December 2009 Stories from Real Life are Stranger than Fiction Fact is stranger than fiction. The most interesting tales come from true anecdotes and sometimes it can be utterly shocking. Unbelievably true tales about incestuous relationships do exist. Recently, the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom recentl... 09th December 2009 Love Stories from the Idiot Box Sappy love stories have its ways of getting onto us. The best ones are written by poets and romance authors. However, there is nothing more joyous than being in amour. Love stories are plentiful and hearing one may even spark the memory of your own romant... 09th December 2009 How to Make Sure Your iPhone Apps Are Surefire Winners If you're even remotely interested in applications that can be used on the iPhone, then you would know that some of the best iPhone apps are developed by independent application software developers. In fact, you may have even toyed with the idea of develo... 02nd December 2009 Look Twice When You See A Cheap iPhone Price Ever since the world was introduced to the amazing little gadget known as the smart phone, one of the issues involved has been the price at which the device is sold. Budget-conscious consumers are always on the lookout for a bargain, but should you really... 02nd December 2009 Diet Plans—What to Choose Out Of Hundreds of Plans How many times have you heard from your doctor, friends, articles, etc, that the secret to losing weight is getting a firm grip on what you eat and how much you eat? It's no secret: Eat too much and you gain weight, eat less and exercise and you lose weig... 01st December 2009 Diet Menus-- Suggestions for a Healthy Diet If you are considering losing those extra pounds by enrolling in or purchasing one of those fad diet programs there are a few things that you need to know about diets and diet menus. Regulating your diet and losing weight is as simple as "burn more calori... 01st December 2009 Secrets of a Healthy Diet Almost everyone wants to eat a healthy diet but, for one reason or another very few of us do. Some people think that they never have time; others think that it doesn't really matter. Most people in truth know little or nothing about what it really means t... 01st December 2009 Telephone Answering—The Roadmap To Your Success! It's essential that all calls are handled in the right way; after all, the receptionists and the call centers are the first port of call to a company. Like it's said, first impression leaves a strong impact for a long time, and when the telephone answerin... 26th November 2009 Setting Up and Organizing Home Office Space The current technological advancements and phenomenal increase in outsourcing activities has changed the way organizations used to perform their businesses. Nowadays, business process outsourcing and flexible company policies have paved a way for individu... 26th November 2009 Misa Campo and Her Rise to Fame Misa is new on the scene; this 22-year-old model has been the highlight of most men magazines and has kept the world curious about how far she can take her success. She was originally born in Montreal Canada and was moved to California at a young age, to... 19th October 2009 Learning about Angelina Jolie In this world, filled with glitz and glamour, there are many famous people to admire and dream of. However, occasionally there is that certain superstar that exudes the idea of it is, to truly be fabulous. Angelina Jolie is one of those famous people, w... 16th October 2009 Heiress Paris Hilton Heir to the ‘Hilton Hotels' Dynasty, Paris Hilton was born to be wealthy and successful. Through her family connections, Ms. Hilton began showing an interest in acting and landed the well-known reality show "The Simple Life" opposite Nicole Richie, dau... 16th October 2009 Celebrity News is Always Informative The world has always lived vicariously through the lives of the rich and famous and it brings us joy to share their lives and their successes. There are thousands of entertainment magazines and newspapers available in the market and there is always room ... 16th October 2009 Elvis Presley Biography: Elvis Presley Childhood "Don't criticize what you don't understand, son. You never walked in that man's shoes." That is one famous quotation by Elvis Presley, or also-known-as "The King of Rock ‘n' Roll". True enough, the Elvis Presley childhood years were harsh and probab... 07th October 2009 Hee Haw Ain’t Just for Hillbillies Hee Haw is not only the natural sound a donkey would make but also a famous country music show for a span of 22 years from way back in 1969. The hosts of the show were Buck Owens and Roy Clark. Hailing from Texas, Alvis Owens received his nickname "Buck" ... 06th October 2009 Elvis Presley Biography 101 Elvis Presley is well-known as the King of Rock ‘n' Roll. This Elvis Presley Biography 101 article will cover the basics of his incredible life. Throughout the years on the stage, he produced 12 famous albums and left remarkable history in the world of... 06th October 2009 The Long Lived Tradition of Christmas Carols Christmas Carols normally fill the air in the month of December. Usually, even before the month of December starts, you can find many shops and stores playing various Christmas songs. Along with this, Christmas decorations begin to appear in places. C... 22nd September 2009 Pink Fans and their Fan Sites for the Pop Rock Artist Loyal fans of artists, celebrities and singers today do everything to show their support for the ones they idolize. Fans come up with anything just to show how much they love a particular artist. When it comes to this, one of the most effective media used... 22nd September 2009 Busta Rhymes in the Music Scene Busta Rhymes is a known American rapper, actor and songwriter. He is popular for the hits Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check, Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See and What's It Gonna Be. Busta who was born to Jamaican parents Trevor Smith, Sr. and Cherr... 22nd September 2009 A Quick Look At Britney Spears The controversial yet phenomenal pop icon, Britney Jean Spears, attempted to land a spot in the entertainment business at the age of eight when she auditioned for the series of Disney Channel titled The New Mickey Mouse Club. Unfortunately, she was too yo... 22nd September 2009