chenxiao's Articles en-us Reports Alien life already on earth? An Arizona State University physicist says there's no reason alien life couldn't already be among us here on Earth, according to media reports Tuesday. Paul Davies, known for his popular science writing, said Tuesday that life may have developed on E... 02nd February 2010 Reports China to increase affordable housing The Chinese government is acting to control soaring housing prices in major cities. The country's property market soared in 2009, with property sales jumping by more than half, and property investment climbing nearly 20 percent. The Ministry of Hous... 02nd February 2010 Reports U.S. imposes duties on imports of wire decking from China The U.S. government slapped preliminary anti-dumping duties on imports of more than 300 million dollars worth of wire decking from China, the Commerce Department said in a statement on Tuesday. The department claimed that it preliminarily found dumpin... 08th January 2010 Reports Talent crunch plagues Chinese firms Finding talented employees has become a major stumbling block for private Chinese firms keen on broadening their economic horizons. And even when they do offer market prices for skilled help, members of today's talent pool are often hesitant to join local... 08th January 2010 Reports $40b Australia LNG deal lapses No major impact on market, but nation 'needs to diversify imports' Energy giant PetroChina Co Ltd has pulled out of a $40 billion deal to buy natural gas from a project off Australia, but Chinese analysts and officials yesterday tried to play down the... 07th January 2010 Reports China to become 2nd largest trade partner of Philippines as recovery takes hold Despite the slump during the global economic crisis, trade between China and the Philippines will takeoff again and China is even expected to overtake Japan as the Philippines' second largest trading partner in the near future, officials said. After g... 07th January 2010 Reports "Hot money'" blowing bubbles Surging flows may lead to stock market volatility, say economists The rising inflow of speculative capital, or "hot money", into China could lead to "asset bubbles", said Fan Gang, member of the central bank's monetary policy committee. The la... 05th January 2010 Reports China, Venezuela sign oil development pacts China National Offshore Oil Corp (CNOOC), the country's largest offshore oil producer, has signed an agreement to develop oil and gas resources in Venezuela, the latest step in its overseas expansion. CNOOC has signed a memorandum of understanding wit... 30th December 2009 Reports Vietnamese court convicts dissident of subversion A Vietnamese court convicted a former army officer who had pressed for democratic reforms of subversion Monday and sentenced him to 5.5 years in prison as Vietnam stepped up its efforts to crack down on dissent. Tran Anh Kim, 60, was accused of "workin... 30th December 2009 Reports Yemen strikes al-Qaida chiefs in US-backed assault Yemen's military hit suspected al-Qaida hideouts Thursday and targeted a gathering of top militant leaders, possibly killing a radical cleric linked to the U.S. Army major accused of the Fort Hood mass shooting, in strikes carried out with U.S. intelligen... 29th December 2009 Reports China sentences Liu to 11 years for subversion A Chinese court sentenced a prominent dissident to 11 years in jail Friday on subversion charges after he called for sweeping political reforms and an end to Communist Party dominance. The sentencing of Liu Xiaobo comes despite international appeals fo... 29th December 2009 Reports Bin Laden daughter hides in Saudi embassy in Iran A daughter of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden has taken refuge in the Saudi Embassy in Tehran after eluding guards who have held her, her sister and four brothers under house arrest for eight years, a Saudi-owned newspaper reported Wednesday. It ha... 29th December 2009 Reports U.S. economy rebounds slower than previously thought The U.S. economy grew at a pace of 2.2 percent in the third quarter, a much slower pace than initially thought, according to the final revised estimate released by the Commerce Department on Tuesday. SLOWER GROWTH The new reading for the July-to-S... 23rd December 2009 Reports Exploring a new growth model Environment, energy, education, electronic information and exchange - all will be highlights in Heilongjiang in the years to come, part of what the local government describes as the "5E mode of development". A province still boasting one of the best e... 23rd December 2009 Reports China-made private aircraft to take off in Laos China will deliver eight domestically designed private business aircraft to Laos next year, in its latest effort to find a niche in the international aviation market. The Xiaoying 500, or "Eaglet 500," passed dynamic tests of seat and restraint system... 22nd December 2009 Reports China IPO yields expected to triple in 2010: analysts Funds raised through IPOs on the Shanghai Stock Exchange next year will be triple those raised this year, according to projections from accounting firm Ernst & Young. Terence Ho, Strategic Growth Markets Leader for Ernst & Young, predicted that the ab... 22nd December 2009 reports To meet the demand of panel youda changes its strategy to a total yield in energy Taiwan is a panel of bibcock with America, China mainland market strong LCD TV and notebook computers, the demand of panel next quarter when plan to cut during the off-season, but has now been in full in energy. DisplaySearch vice President XieQinYi think... 10th December 2009 reports Asking China for bigger carbon emissions cuts unreasonable The Vice Minister of China's top economic planner is stressing that China has made progress in cutting emissions of carbon dioxide, and also in world talks to fight global warming. Speaking at the climate conference in Copenhagen, Xie Zhenhua said it was ... 10th December 2009 reports 2009 a banner year for clean energy Late 08 saw the launch of a massive fiscal stimulus package to help China overcome the worst of the global financial crisis. The government also took the chance to give a boost to industries favoring cleaner energy and lower pollution. China's nuclear... 10th December 2009 reports Acer chairman WangZhenTang: PC industry dead-end statement is wrong On November 24, acer, chairman and chief executive WangZhenTang, global President jiang, can lead to strange YiRenSi China gm acer led Chinese executives collective appearance, announced that acer from 2010 in the Chinese market, all coming 18-24 months, ... 10th December 2009 reports China keen on low-carbon economy Beijing's iconic Olympic venue -- Bird's Nest -- might have been a little bit different from it is now if it were built today. "I would choose to use solar film to power air-conditioners in the Bird's Nest instead of the current ground-source heat pump... 07th December 2009 reports Win 7 days a cargo listed hard to find: It may be Microsoft's marketing of hunger In the massive publicity campaign, Microsoft Windows 7 on the 24th of this month in China's listed. However, the reporter learned yesterday, due to tight supply, only listed two days later, this product appeared in a hard case goods, which is likely to be... 29th October 2009