Greg Bell's Articles en-us The appeal of kids party bags Take a colouring pad out to dinner and you will soon understand the appeal of a restaurant that offers complimentary The appeal of childrens loot bags. Children's activity bags take the colouring concept a whole leap further. A good activity bag will ke... 09th March 2010 Going out and entertaining children There is nothing that brings a family together like having dinner. Going out as a family is one of life's great things but entertaining kids while you are out can be one of the greatest challenges. In our family, we go out every Sunday night with the ... 18th December 2009 Best 10 Activities for kids when you are out Ever been out for dinner and the kids start playing up? I defy any parent to answer "no" to that! There are times when, as a parent, you wish you had a list of interesting activities for kids on hand. Well, here is the definitive list of activities for... 17th December 2009