Autumn's Articles en-us Helping Your Child Build Self-Esteem Kids sometimes have a hard time building and maintaining positive levels of self-esteem, particularly when they get to their pre-teen and teenage years of life. There are numerous things that can hinder good self-esteem such as school, learning new skills... 26th April 2012 The Skill of Displaying Framed Art You can use framed artwork in every room in your home, which makes it an important part of the decor of your dwelling. Picture frames hung upright at eye level, draw plenty of attention to them and hold an important role in influencing the all around char... 29th June 2011 Tips for Low Light Photography The basic reason why taking a picture works is because light reacts with the chemicals on the photo paper. Light is a necessary part of this equation, and usually the more light the better. Unfortunately, there is not always enough light available, and so... 13th December 2010 Photography Basics - Don't Overlook the Background When embarking on the adventure of photography, there is one basic element that is often forgotten about or ignored - the background of the picture. Learning how to manipulate the background elements can totally change the emotion of the photograph, and c... 10th November 2010 3 Famous Photographers You Should Know Photography is often the art of the anonymous as we rarely know who was on the other side of the camera. We can all name a few famous photographs, like the famous Time Square picture or the one of iron workers sitting high above a city, but most of the ti... 19th May 2010 3 Tips for Taking Great Pictures Using Natural Light If you've ever wondered how to get great pictures using available light, then you need to master the skill of natural light photography. Use these three tips so you can start taking great pictures using natural light. Control Your Light You may not ... 14th May 2010 Black & White Photography Tips - How You Can Improve Your Photos By using these four black and white photography tips, you'll be able to easily recognize great black and white photos and be able to shoot and edit your photos to get the best overall image. Black and white photography is an excellent way to train the ... 05th May 2010 How to Take Unforgettable Animal and Insect Pictures Often people think that you have to be in exotic places to get great wildlife pictures, however great wildlife pictures may be as close as your own backyard. Photographing Wildlife with Feathers or Fur Depending on where you live, there are many way... 30th April 2010 Travel Photography Tips - 7 Tips for Taking Good Pictures Taking beautiful travel and vacation pictures is easy if you know some basic photo skills. In this article, you will learn 7 travel photography tips that will help you take some incredible travel pictures. Add Drama to Your Pictures You can add inte... 12th March 2010 Photography Basics - Learning About Aperture Aperture and other technical photography basics can induce yawns in the most eager of budding shutterbugs, but once these basics are understood, the rest of photography easily comes into focus. Aperture, shutter speed and ISO are all terms good to know, w... 18th February 2010