Freddy Roy's Articles en-us What Is The Perfect Diet Just recently, a South American teenage model died of suspected malnutrition. That sad news topped the headlines and stunned the fashion industry. It happened just six months after her "size zero" sister starved herself to death on a diet of lettuce leave... 21st January 2010 Organic Skin Care Is Good For You If there is one beauty trend that seems to be getting its fair share of attention and hype, it is organic skin care. A lot of people, particularly celebrities, are switching on to organic skin care products and letting other know about it. Before passing ... 29th December 2009 How You Can Be Happy During The Holidays Withour Breaking The Bank During the months of November to February, the days start getting shorter and colder, and the nights longer and darker. Climate changes seem to affect many people and they just can't understand why they tend to feel gloomy and miserable. This mood disor... 17th December 2009