SEO Consulting's Articles en-us Murals By Jericho: For The Preservation Of Sacred Spaces Every mural designer answers to a rich tradition—one that goes beyond the simple decoration of walls with painted images of biblical scenes. To the inheritor of such a tradition, art necessarily belongs to a sacred space and is intended to evoke faith a... 11th May 2010 Marian Kraus Photography: Where Photography Is A Fine Art If you're looking for a fine art photographer in Chicago, look no further than Marian Kraus Photography. Captured with the eyes of a true artist, this photographer's portfolio has been exhibited throughout the US as well as internationally. His work is co... 10th May 2010 What is Microcredit and How Does It Work for Women? Small is better: microloans go a long way in creating economic security in developing countries and Plan has many microcredit programs that help women and children to have sustainable incomes all while being involved in their communities. But what is micr... 12th February 2010 Plan Leads Child Trafficking Prevention In Haiti Plan is taking the lead in the fight to protect orphans and other vulnerable children at risk of trafficking after the Haiti quake. We are one of the lead agencies working with the UN task force on child protection, and we have been appointed by a commiss... 12th February 2010 Melody - A Young Survivor Of Typhoon Ketsana Thirteen-year old Melody's life was turned upside down the day Typhoon Ketsana [Ondoy] claimed the lives of her mother and two sisters in the Philippines. While washing clothes at the relocation site where Melody, her father Jessie and two remaining si... 12th February 2010 5000 Students Catch Up in Zimbabwe Melinda, a thirteen year old girl in seventh grade, could not hide her anguish after being told she failed her end of term test, barely two months before sitting for her final exam. She thought about what happened to other students who had failed schoo... 12th February 2010 Payless Merchandise Ltd.: Your Home For Discount Microphones And Much More Want to find the lowest possible prices on the products you're shopping for? Payless Merchandise is the only resource you need. By combing the internet for the greatest deals on electronics, jewelry, home décor, musical instruments like discount micropho... 11th February 2010 JDK Images: Wedding And Portrait Photographers, Serving Morristown, New Jersey When you go looking for a wedding and portrait photographer near Morristown, you might be tempted to select the cheapest, or the one that appears first in the phonebook. Why would you leave a decision with such a lasting impact to the whims of your wallet... 08th February 2010 IUPAT Ontario Helps In Lifting Forty Year Ban On The Use Of Workplace Stilts Forty years ago, stilts became illegal on Ontario construction sites. On December 15th 2009, this law changed due to an announcement from Minister of Labour, Peter Fonseca that once again saw stilts legalized in the workplace. This change is effective fro... 29th January 2010 IUPAT Ontario – Strengthening The Workforce With Apprenticeship Opportunities In Ontario A strong team of allies can be a powerful entity. Unions of like-minded, goal-driven people can work to bring about positive change and support influential decisions by the government. The rights, wages, benefits and safety standards of present-day workin... 14th January 2010 Real-Time Call Center Performance Management Software By VPI Enables Profitability Authored by Patrick Botz, Vice President of Solutions Marketing, VPI Call center performance management software is now recognized as a valuable solution to a long-standing problem. Much of the information within most contact centers is still collected... 21st December 2009 Dispatch Quality Assurance Software Improves Public Safety Communications Authored by Patrick Botz, Vice President of Solutions Marketing, VPI Dispatch quality assurance software is more important today than ever before. Recognized as an essential component in the quest for improved performance, efficiency and productivity, ... 21st December 2009 VoIP Call Recording Software for Today's World of Multimedia IP-based Communications Authored by Patrick Botz, Vice President of Solutions Marketing, VPI VoIP call recording software has finally come of age, offering the same advanced level of functionality and reliability as traditional recording systems. Organizations across the glob... 21st December 2009 Phone Call Recording Software Advancements And Proven Best Practices Authored by Patrick Botz, Vice President of Solutions Marketing, VPI Phone call recording software plays a key role in many industries. It is a mandatory requirement in the majority of public safety organizations and within various industries, such as ... 21st December 2009 Call Recording Laws: What You Need to Know to Avoid Costly Fines and Legal Fees Authored by Patrick Botz, Vice President of Solutions Marketing, VPI Do you record or plan to record your calls and/or screen activity? Do your employees discuss sensitive information over the phone? If so, there are serious call recording laws and cal... 21st December 2009 Accelerating Call Center Quality Assurance And Workforce Optimization Authored by Patrick Botz, Vice President of Solutions Marketing, VPI Call center quality assurance software is now a fundamental technology in virtually every competitive call center environment. As the economy begins to recover, 2010 is expected to be... 21st December 2009 Marian Kraus Photography – Offering Superb Commercial And Fine Art Photography The art of photography often offers a new perspective of familiar views. A skilled photographer, like an architect, can use the skills of his trade to produce a work that is more than straightforwardly functional. The knowledge and the skill to correctly ... 21st December 2009 Swiss Maid Fudge - Homemade Gingerbread Bark Spices Up The Holiday Season Every family has their holiday food favorite. Perhaps Grandma's buttery shortbread is a traditional treat; maybe homemade Greek Christmas bread is a goodie everyone looks forward too; perhaps an old-fashioned family recipe for chocolate fudge is the indul... 10th December 2009 Swiss Maid Fudge - Give The Gift Of Homemade Candies This Holiday Season As the clock ticks down on the number of shopping days left, it becomes harder and harder to think of the perfect gift for each name on the list. Does Grandma really need another reindeer apron? Could Dad possibly be happy with yet another Santa tie? The ... 10th December 2009 VPI Emergency Voice Recording Solution Wins 2009 HOT Product Award VPI Voice Print International, Inc. a world leader in the development of innovative, integrated emergency voice recording and workforce optimization (WFO) solutions for public safety emergency service providers, government agencies, security companies, fi... 09th December 2009 DermaBalance - Acne Control Treatment Helps Users Take Control of Problem Skin Those who suffer from acne often find themselves suffering internally as well as externally. The physical discomfort that acne sufferers endure can also play a role in producing negative emotions about self image. Mistakenly, some people assume that the a... 30th November 2009 Marian Kraus Photography - A New Perspective In Corporate And Personal Gifts At times, it helps to look at things from a different perspective. To open the mind to different possibilities, different ways of examining an object, a problem or a challenge can lead to inspiration and fresh ideas. This is a mantra that modern photograp... 24th November 2009 Marian Kraus Photography - Corporate And Personal Gifts That Speak The Mind And Spirit The collection and display of photographs can speak volumes. One's personal preferences, affinities and inner struggles are often revealed by the photographic art with which one chooses to surround oneself. Reflective, inspirational, beautiful, and revere... 24th November 2009 Pharaoh Trading: Janitorial Products And Storage Of Equipment Product Distributor Pharaoh aims to be a high-performance organization delivering exceptional value through superior execution of innovative marketing and logistic services. Pharaoh is committed to providing our customers with the best DURABLE QUALITY PRODUCTS available... 10th November 2009 Cypher International LTD: A Global Leader In Environmental Treatment Solutions Cypher Ltd. has been providing environmental treatment solutions for many years and in that time they have established themselves as a leader as global suppliers of certified natural geophysical treatment solutions. Cypher Ltd. specializes in creating con... 20th October 2009 CPR Systems Online Four Benefits To Choosing A Close-Loop Metal Phosphating Method If your company isn't using the latest, most environmentally-sound method of high pressure spray way phosphating, you're running the risk of losing out to the competition. And make no mistake about it - in today's super-competitive environment, it's essen... 16th October 2009 CPR Systems Online - The Next Generation Of Paint Pretreatment And Metal Cleaning You may be asking yourself the question: "Is all paint pretreatment and metal cleaning equipment the same?" The answer is a resounding: "Not on your life!" The next generation of pretreatment and cleaning products for metal parts is completely differen... 16th October 2009 CPR Systems Online - Prepping Your Metal Parts With The Best Paint Pretreatment Pays Off Remember the old adage "a stitch in time saves nine"? The morale of this oft-repeated ditty is that spending a little time upfront actually saves much more time on the back end. The same philosophy can be applied to your metal pretreatment process. Sur... 16th October 2009 CPR Systems Online - Phosphatize Your Metal Parts The Environmentally Sound Way Would you like to be able to phosphate your metal products in an environmentally sound manner? Are you tired of watching your cleaning chemicals go down your drain in waste? Wouldn't it be great to be able to tell your clients that you're operating with a... 16th October 2009 CPR Systems Online - How To Finance The Best Metal Cleaning Equipment Available If you're a business owner who manufactures metal products with a finish coat of paint you are well aware of your need to acquire top quality paint finish to eliminate quality control callbacks. After all, you know that your paint quality is only as good ... 16th October 2009 Child1st Publications - Great Learning Disability Resources For Children With Dyslexia Does your child suffer from dyslexia? If so, he or she is certainly not alone. In the United States, dyslexia occurs from between 2 to 17 out of each 100 children. It's critical for children with dyslexia to get early intervention so they do not fall behi... 13th October 2009 Child1st Publications - How To Use Word Wall Games And SnapWords (TM) With Your Child If your child is just learning how to read, write and spell, you probably have a strong desire to help him or her. However, if you don't have a degree in early childhood education, you may feel a bit uncertain how best to go about being an ally to your so... 13th October 2009 Marian Kraus Photography - Fine Portrait Photographs For Corporate Art Collections Marian Kraus is one of the finest photographers working today, specializing in the creation of corporate art collections that are perfect suited for the decoration of office buildings or home spaces. The Marian Kraus Photography site hosts a plethora of s... 01st October 2009 Elite Aesthetic, Medical & Business Training - Professional Medical Training In Florida ELITE Medical Training is world renowned for the quality and expertise of their aesthetic medical training programs, led by experienced professionals within the industry. The aesthetic medical training programs designed by ELITE's medical professionals... 29th September 2009 Elite Aesthetic, Medical & Business Training - Online Weight Loss, Laser & Botox Training Elite's Online Training programs present several aesthetic medical topics in the comfort of your own home! Topics include: • Cosmetic Laser Training • Sensible Weight Loss Training & Certification • Botox Cosmetic Online Training (Basic ... 29th September 2009 Voice Over Artists: How To Hone Your Dialect Skills The world has become a very small place indeed; consequently, voice over artists who can convincingly portray dialects are in hot demand. However, if you are on the path to being a "dialect artist", you must continuously hone your skills. See, you may ... 08th September 2009 Can You Do Something Unique With Your Voice? Get Paid For Voice Over Gigs! Voices over artists aren't simply those actors who have great-sounding voices; many of them also have unique abilities. What does this mean for you? Namely, if you can pull off some amazing talent (such as being able to convincingly cluck like a chicken o... 08th September 2009 Marian Kraus’ Inspirational Gift Photography Book Strikes Chord With Nature Lovers Are you a lover of nature? Do you gaze at the root of a tree and see an analogy to friendship rather than a brown lump rising from the earth? Does the sky's ever-changing mood captivate you more than any reality television show could? If so, you think lik... 26th August 2009 International Union Of Painters & Allied Trades Iupat Ontario Is Working For Its Members IUPAT Ontario is working for you! As we enter the second half of 2009 there are numerous issues that affect the IUPAT membership in Ontario, Canada. • Unemployment in Ontario for all IUPAT trades is between 15-18% and rising among our membership. It... 22nd August 2009 TGP Custom Installs CPR Systems High Spray Wand Phosphate With Wash Water Recycling For Clients Whether it's a new metal pretreatment cleaning bay, or a conversion from your existing metal surface preparation method, CPR Systems™ is ready to install a closed-loop metal pretreatment system to meet your specific needs. Cleaner Phosphoric Recycling S... 16th August 2009 CPR Systems Goes Green With Wash Water Recycling Feature In High Pressure Spray Wand Phosphating Cleaner Phosphoric Recycling Systems (CPR Systems™) is the leader in high-pressure spray wand phosphating with recycling. Since its inception in 1975, T. George Podell & Co, Inc owner and developer of CPR Systems™ has developed into a diverse corporat... 16th August 2009 VPI - Quality Monitoring Solutions: Managing The New Compliance Laws With The Latest Technologies Quality monitoring solutions are essential for recording agent-customer interactions and associated telephony and screen data. However, in this new age of cyber crime and identity theft, the inevitable emergence of strict regulations to help protect sensi... 07th August 2009 VPI - Avaya Call Recording Software By VPI Provides Competitive Advantage In Harsh Economic Climate With the current economic crunch, organizations need to take advantage of every available resource in order to compete and succeed. When VPI (Voice Print International) developed its Avaya call recording solution and fully integrated suite of workforce op... 07th August 2009 Mitel Call Recording Software By VPI Helps You To Identify And Address Business Issues In recent years, organizations using Mitel call recording software have begun to recognize the importance of the contact center as a significant source of business intelligence. As a front-line hub and primary point of customer contact, the call center is... 07th August 2009 Advantages Of Cisco Call Recording Software By VPI The contact center environment has evolved considerably over recent years. With the increased deployment of VoIP, home-based agents, and overseas outsourcing, organizations are benefiting from significant cost savings and efficiencies that were previously... 07th August 2009