Kenny Leones's Articles en-us Who Says Cooking Lobster Tail is a Challenge? Who says cooking lobster tail is difficult? Well, it could be for some but once we get to apply tips we learn from experts, or anyone more experienced in cooking lobster tails than we are, then nothing could go wrong. So, what is the best way to cook lobs... 21st May 2010 How to Correctly Cut Your Own Bangs MATERIALS NEEDED IN CUTTING YOUR BANGS The materials needed are a pair of sharp, haircut scissors, tooth styling comb, clips to hold hair and mirror with stand. STEPS IN CLIPPING YOUR BANGS Pick a portion of your hair to be cut-off. Place your ha... 22nd February 2010 Portraying the Human Figure Figure drawings begin with a stick figure, a skeleton of sorts that will hold all components of the composition in the subsequent stages. An important factor of this stick figure is the action line, which will take up most of the figure's body: from the n... 19th February 2010 The Essentials of Writing an Autobiography Writing one's autobiography is perhaps one of the most challenging writing projects one can ever hope to accomplish. After all, it is hard to put into words one's own life - the ups and downs, highs and lows, triumphs and losses. While we might find our l... 19th February 2010 Drawing the Sabertooth Cat and Other Fantasy Creatures Fantasy art deals in stretching the boundaries of the elements of composition to bring the subject as close to reality as possible. Book covers and illustrations help bring to life concepts such as dragons, dinosaurs, serpents, ogres, elves, and dwarves b... 19th February 2010 Ronald Reagan: A Beloved President of the United States The late United States President Ronald Reagan was considered as one of the best U.S. Presidents but we couldn't repudiate the fact that he had remarkable contributions and achievements that made him a great U.S. President. So, why was Ronald Reagan a gre... 23rd December 2009 Reasons Democratic Governments Need Separation of Powers Separation of powers is the term that describes the independence of each of the branches of a democratic government. This was first practiced in ancient Greece and it later spread to the Roman Republic and became part of its constitution. Also known as tr... 23rd December 2009 Importance of Having A Constitution The American Constitution was made in the eighteenth century. In 1789, the constitution became effective, since then it plays an important role in keeping the United States a safe and orderly country. 1. The first answer to the question why was the Con... 23rd December 2009 Signs that Summer Has Arrived Summer is the hottest season of the year. It is usually marked by temperate weathers so most people take a vacation to get away some place else because of the fine weather. People also flock to the beach and get a tan. 1. The first answer to the quest... 23rd December 2009 Learn the Best Way to Cook a Steak and Get Commended Overview Many would say that to learn the best way to cook a steak is like learning how to do art and that there is no way that one can get it on the first try. Although just like with everything else that requires practice to reach perfection, the bes... 24th November 2009 Four Games With Good Cheat Codes There are several cheat codes for Playstation today. There are five games with cheat codes known to be the best out there. You can use these best cheat codes for playing the games in your Playstation 2. You can choose to play against someone or to play th... 24th November 2009 Excellent Strawberry Shortcake Recipe The best strawberry shortcake recipe is one that has been made from many years ago. The best strawberry shortcake recipe comes from the early 20th century. There are two preparations for the best strawberry shortcake recipe. The first preparation is for t... 24th November 2009 Easy to Make Baked Bean Recipes A baked bean is a delicious dish that has beans in it. The best baked bean recipes usually have three or more kinds of beans in it. Some of the best baked bean recipes include the version from Boston and the Vegetarian version. The best baked bean recipes... 24th November 2009 Different Recipes for Baked Macaroni and Cheese Baked macaroni cheese is one of the best dishes you can have that will give you so much energy. It is packed with many carbohydrates. Many people also enjoy this dish because it gives them a sense of comfort because it is full of cheese. There are many wa... 24th November 2009 Delicious Way to Make the Best Burgers Many people like burgers and everyone has their own special way of making them. However many people are still left wondering how to make the best burgers. The ingredients you need to make the a delicious burger are ordinary things you can buy in the groce... 24th November 2009 Check Out the Best Horror Films of 2009 It is kind of difficult to name the best motion pictures of all time if they come from different genres, classifications, or categories. In this regard, let's focus on one genre only. Let's focus on five of the best horror movies released in the United St... 23rd November 2009 “Monkey See, Monkey Dead?” - The Chimpanzee on the Edge of Extinction Why are chimps endangered? How many among us are even aware that they are? To the uninformed, it almost seems hard to believe. Chimpanzees have long been the most visible and perhaps even the most well-known of all the primates. Surely these adorable memb... 23rd November 2009 Why Was the Berlin Wall Taken Down The Berlin Wall, located in Berlin, Germany, was a system of concrete walls, barb-wire fence, checkpoints, and control posts that was designed to stop residents of East Berlin from going into West Berlin. After the defeat of the Nazis in World War II, Ger... 23rd November 2009 Delicious Recipes For Weber Gas Grills Weber is one of the grills you can find in the market today. Weber gas grills have several features which you can use to cook different foods. You can always follow Weber gas grill recipes you can find online to make delicious foods. 1. Sweet and sour... 22nd November 2009 The Story Behind We Didn’t Start the Fire Billy Joel has always been one of the best singers known internationally. Aside from being a great singer, he is also known to be a great composer. One of the songs he wrote that caught the attention of both fans and critics was "We Didn't Start the Fire.... 20th November 2009 The Collapse of the Soviet Union The Soviet Union or Union of Soviet Socialist Republic is existed from 1922 to 1991. As an offshoot of the Russian Revolution in 1917, the Soviet Union grew to a union of fifteen republics. The Soviet Union was the foremost communist country during those ... 19th November 2009 Choosing the Perfect Weber Grill for your Outdoor Gimmick Whenever the weather takes into a pleasant turn, outdoor gimmicks, picnics, parties, and whatnots are in demand. They can be held at the backyard, at the garden, nearby a pool, a beach, in the middle of the woods, or just about anywhere and they can still... 18th November 2009 Mickey Mouse: The Tale of the Star with a Tail Mickey Mouse is undoubtedly the most-beloved cartoon character of all time. To the delight of children and the nostalgia of grownup fans everywhere, the widespread appeal of this quintessential animated icon spans not only the entire world, but across gen... 15th November 2009 Baby Elmo: From Minor Puppet to Major Star On November 8, 1985, an adorable furry red baby monster, with two large white eyes and an orange nose, suddenly appeared on the fifteen-year-running Sesame Street and quickly launched to fame. Merchandises carrying its likeness and name were outselling th... 12th November 2009 US National Do Not Call Registry FAQs The US Do Not Call List is officially called the National Do-Not-Call Registry. This is a method by tool by which telemarketers are prohibited from making unsolicited calls to US consumers. This was supposed to be implemented in 2003, however, due to a le... 12th November 2009 List of U.S Newspapers There are more than a hundred newspapers circulating in the United States of America and it is not quite feasible to discuss each one of them. In this regard, we would like to discuss the top five newspapers in the long list of U.S. newspapers in circulat... 15th September 2009