Charity Crouch's Articles en-us Creative Style Blanket Chests Some people seem to think that the only styles of blanket chests are too traditional and perhaps a little boring. With very little searching, you can find really wonderfully styled blanket chests or you can personalize the one of your choice. There... 30th March 2010 Hex Signs on Hope Chests One of the more interesting aspects of the Pennsylvania Dutch culture was to paint hex designs on buildings,especially above doorways and on barns, and on hope chests. These beautifully rendered hex designs represented a positive magical charm. Peo... 18th January 2010 Handcrafted Blanket Chests Too many pieces of furniture fill our homes that are not meant to last more than 20 years. Handcrafted blanket chests, on the other hand, last for generations since they are constructed with the best in joinery styles and strong hardwoods. Blanket ... 07th January 2010 Blanket Chests-Best Versatile Furniture Blanket chests have been making a come back as the furniture of choice in American households. This versatile furniture can be placed in all areas of your home with great results in adding that warming, welcome-home touch. Many people would be aski... 20th October 2009