Shefali Roy's Articles en-us Nokia N900 : Packed with latest features. There is no need to say that, mobile phones have become the easiest mode of communication and they never fail to assist you with hassle free services all the time. In this mobile era, Nokia N900 is one such handset which has gained worldwide popularity mo... 15th January 2010 o2 Network o2 Network is one of the leading manufacturers in UK providing superb services and taking giant strides when it comes to providing immaculate technology implementation. Operated by the European company, Telefonica Europe, o2 provides both fixed and mobile... 16th December 2009 BlackBerry Mobile Phones – Mini laptops everywhere BlackBerry mobile phones are highly popular amongst business professionals for their various organising features and exquisite designs. They are mostly popular for their large display screens, QWERTY keypads and E-mail technology. One such handset is the ... 10th December 2009 Stay tuned with Nokia N97 Nokia mobile phones launched a new mobile phone named Nokia N97 which is an attractive 3G Smartphone with many built in business & entertainment features to suit today's mobile phone users. The Nokia N97 with feature like Push Email (SMTP, IMAP4 & POP3... 20th October 2009 Samsung Mobile phones : Style statement for young Generation Samsung mobile phones had recently launched a new gadget in form of Samsung Jet which is a sleek 3G touch screen handset which comes in a high gloss black coloured casing. It has an amazing 3.1 Inch touch screen which allows its user to input menu selecti... 20th October 2009 Nakshatra: speechless beauty Ask a woman about the importance of diamonds and jewellery and she will, probably, speak non-stop for hours but there are only a few brands in India that have succeeded in occupying a special place in women's heart. Nakshatra is one of the such brands whi... 15th October 2009