martinapp's Articles en-us Communication: an important vehicle every company if done properly Speaking of communication may seem like an easy thing but this is an evolving field that requires very precise and professional skills constantly fed to be efficient but also effective. For this reason, especially when it comes to the field of corporate c... 24th August 2011 Passive house and wooden house: green for the future Speaking about prefabricated houses in Italy to maintain structures are very solid and stable and will many times have nothing to do with masonry houses and that there never would dream of adopting as a primary residence. The technology for wooden hou... 13th June 2011 The bread is adapting to new uses and demands If up to 30, 25 years ago the bread was the word stimulus to evoke the misery and struggle, indeed, bread meant especially rural poverty, today's culture of wellness has also incorporated "our daily bread." It has become an exciting holiday for the ey... 26th November 2009 The distillation process of liquors and spirits The production of spirits and liquors is an important part of the industrial system of our country. Although we need to make a clear distinction between these two kind of beverages. Spirits and liquors are both high alcohol degree beverages, produce... 30th June 2009