diana007's Articles http://www.a1articles.com en-us editorial@articlealley.com Time to buy a pair of Clip on earrings With the introduction of clip on earrings, women have left a sigh of relief. Those torturous days of having different infections and allergies due to pierced ears have gone. You do not need to worry about those scars and painful experiences that are follo... http://www.a1articles.com/time-to-buy-a-pair-of-clip-on-earrings-1339683.html 08th January 2010 Clip on earrings: An easy approach to a beautiful you Clip on earring are a perfect choice for women who have that needle and pain phobia. It is also a better choice when you want to wear those heavy jewelleries but at the same don want an ugly slit in your ear lobes. Some people have serious metal allergies... http://www.a1articles.com/clip-on-earrings-an-easy-approach-to-a-beautiful-you-1332275.html 07th January 2010 Modern Ultimate designed clip earrings In this fastest modernization of world the fashion of everything is changed a lot. The jewelry is one of the best examples among all the fashionable things especially for every woman. The clip earrings are very comfortable for wearing because there is no ... http://www.a1articles.com/modern-ultimate-designed-clip-earrings-1301656.html 17th December 2009 Contemporary version of earrings - Clip-on earrings Earrings have always been a fashion statement for women of all ages. They are even worn by men nowadays. They can be worn on the ear with varying number of earrings on a single ear like one, two, three, etc. When women wear any jewellery set (especially c... http://www.a1articles.com/contemporary-version-of-earrings--clipon-earrings-1242779.html 23rd November 2009 Clip on earrings -The Painless option Piercing earlobes for the purpose to wear earrings has been practiced since ancient times. In spite of that we find huge demand and market for clip earrings mainly in the West. This is because some women never had their ears pierces at a tender age and la... http://www.a1articles.com/clip-on-earrings-the-painless-option-1229265.html 12th November 2009 Clip Earrings for Every Style Years ago, women who sported clip on earrings were limited to a handful of choices. It wasn't until recently that a number of noticeably fashion forward styles were made available to the masses. This season, clip on arrings continue to be hot, as more and... http://www.a1articles.com/clip-earrings-for-every-style-1214619.html 03rd November 2009 Ladylike Luxe: Cocktail Rings Now that you're sorted your closet according to season, it's time to do the same with your accessories. Some of your purchases from spring and summer are probably best left for that same time next year, but cocktail rings look great anytime. This year... http://www.a1articles.com/ladylike-luxe-cocktail-rings-1207126.html 29th October 2009 Clip Earrings Re-visited Sometimes it can be a real challenge for women without pierced ears to find styles of clip earrings that suit their taste and style preference. It used to be that the clip on earring niche was limited to a handful of options. Nowadays, all that's changed,... http://www.a1articles.com/clip-earrings-revisited-1174155.html 15th October 2009 Earrings Trends Uncovered Wondering what the hottest styles are for earrings this season? Eager to start shopping for earrings that will update your look while still keeping your pocketbook in check? Then read on for all the latest news in the world of fashion earrings. Vintag... http://www.a1articles.com/earrings-trends-uncovered-1141410.html 02nd October 2009 Clip earrings make a Comeback In the fashion industry, many trends and styles repeat themselves after a certain time period. That's why today, we're seeing a revival of 80s colors and 40s inspired pieces that have a modern vibe. It's also why we're seeing clip on earrings make a mains... http://www.a1articles.com/clip-earrings-make-a-comeback-1115276.html 23rd September 2009 The Best Earrings for Every Hairstyle Women's hairstyles are as unique as their style, each having individual flair and unique appeal. Sometimes it's hard to find earrings that compliment your look to a tee. That's why we put together this great list of must-have earrings for every hair style... http://www.a1articles.com/the-best-earrings-for-every-hairstyle-1075732.html 10th September 2009 Clip Earrings for Fall We've watched all the runway shows, read all the fashion magazines and combed the red carpet in search of the hottest earring shapes for fall. Best of all, they are all available in clip-on earring styles, so anyone can wear them without worry. Statem... http://www.a1articles.com/clip-earrings-for-fall-1071119.html 07th September 2009 Spanish Style Clip Earrings The last weeks of summer are a time for savoring lazy days in the sun and squeezing in those last vacation get-a-ways. But if you can't make it south of the border to Mexico, you can still wear jewelry inspired by the Latin flavors and sights and sounds o... http://www.a1articles.com/spanish-style-clip-earrings-1009212.html 31st July 2009 The Best Clip Earrings for Summer Wondering what earrings to wear with your favorite sundress? How about what earrings to sport while you want to be in fashion poolside? Need earrings that will take you from the office to happy hour? We've got your bases covered with clip-on earrings that... http://www.a1articles.com/the-best-clip-earrings-for-summer-999625.html 26th July 2009 Top Clip-On Earring Styles Every season new fashion forward styles and trends are emerging in the world of jewelry and accessories. So we're happy to report that clip-on earrings have finally caught up and currently have some must-have styles that every fashionista simply must try.... http://www.a1articles.com/top-clipon-earring-styles-961748.html 01st July 2009 Clip Earrings that Conquer Are you a fashion forward stylista who yearns to wear the latest jewelry styles, but you don't have pierced ears? Not to worry. Designers are listening and answering back with new designs of clip on earrings that are as chic and sophisticated as their pie... http://www.a1articles.com/clip-earrings-that-conquer-961746.html 01st July 2009 Bridesmaid Jewelry that Dazzles Bridesmaid Jewelry that Dazzles - The bridal party is an important part to any wedding. Whether you just have a maid of honor, or an entire entourage of your closet family and friends, you'll surely want them to look their best. By the time you pick ou... http://www.a1articles.com/bridesmaid-jewelry-that-dazzles-958463.html 30th June 2009 Clip earrings – Teen Friendly, Mom Approved Sometimes all kids want to do is grow up. Girls want to start wearing make-up and high heels and get their ears pierced all too soon. But if you're a mom and you're not quite ready to let your little princess start acting like a teenager, then consider co... http://www.a1articles.com/clip-earrings--teen-friendly-mom-approved-958457.html 30th June 2009 The New Take on Pearl Necklaces and Earrings Pearls are classic and beautiful - known for their timeline elegance. They will always be in fashion, yet this season, there's a different take on jewelry made from these stunning natural stones. Designers and celebs are putting their own modern twist on ... http://www.a1articles.com/the-new-take-on-pearl-necklaces-and-earrings-950902.html 26th June 2009 Sterling Silver Jewelry: How to Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry There are many different types of silver jewelry on the market today. Sterling silver jewelry is one of the main types of silver jewelry. In order to make what you buy be good value for money, we'd better know about how to buy sterling silver jewelry you ... http://www.a1articles.com/sterling-silver-jewelry-how-to-buy-sterling-silver-jewelry-941648.html 18th June 2009