Gary West's Articles en-us Some Practical Cake Decorating Tips And Advice Have you ever seen one of those cakes, after it was decorated, that looked so good that it was a shame to cut it up and eat it? You just had to run to get your camera to take a photo of it. Don't you wish you could decorate cakes that looked THAT good? We... 04th July 2009 Want to Dance With The Stars? Read This! You gotta love that show "Dancing With The Stars." Well, okay, you don't really have to. But a lot of people do and because of it, a dance craze has taken over this country. However, before you put on your dancing shoes, you might just want to read this a... 04th July 2009 You Want To Sell Your Art? Read This! Ah, the joys of being a struggling artist. You slave all day over a hot canvas, come up with your masterpiece of color and then hope and pray that somebody, somewhere, will recognize your talent and buy it. Problem is, you haven't got the slightest idea o... 30th June 2009 Things You SHOULD Know About Cake Decorating Ah, the joys of cake decorating. The pros make it look so easy. Truth is, decorating a cake is an art and one that isn't easily mastered. Sure, anybody can toss a glob of frosting on a cake but the true artist turns that cake into a visual masterpie... 30th June 2009 Some Tips To Learn How To Dance Easily Dancing is fun. Everybody should learn how to dance. If nothing else, what happens if you have a daughter and she gets married and expects you, as her father, to dance with her at her wedding? Won't you look like a fool if you don't know your two step fro... 30th June 2009 You Want To Learn To Dance? Read This First! Dancing With The Stars did bring us one thing of value. More people are wanting to learn how to dance now that they see, not only how cool it is, but how knowing how to dance can get you lots of hot looking men and women, depending on just what it is you'... 26th June 2009