mak's Articles en-us Accelerate your scrapbook experience through good quality cricut accessories Cricut machines have raised enthusiasm in scrapbook and paper craft lovers by making it possible for them to print, and die cut almost any shape quite easily. No physical involvement is required, you just have to push a button and watch it working. Althou... 19th May 2010 Amazing card making techniques for beginners Now, if you are a creative person and card making is something on your mind, things are not that difficult. There are ample of card making techniques and you also need not to put in too much of time and money. It's really simple and lets you find your cre... 17th May 2010 Basic card making techniques Card making is really an enjoyable yet creative activity and cards are considered as excellent gifts when being given to someone and will always be well received. Card making is an ideal activity, if you are interested in crafts and want to link yourself ... 16th April 2010