Redmund's Articles en-us Buying Clothes for Her Buying women clothing can be a difficult task especially for those men who have no idea of what their loved ones put on. There are those men in such situations, where they have no idea on the kind of clothing their women put on. First, know her siz... 27th August 2009 A Big Hair Killer-Stress Everyone has to live with some about of stress in their life, it is a fact of life and some of it can benefit us while other forms of stress can be detrimental to individuals both mentally and physically. Telogen Effluvium is one of the effects that can r... 19th August 2009 Hair Loss Treatment & Remedy Although hair is not essential to life, it is of sufficient cosmetic concern to provoke anxiety in anyone when it starts thinning, falling, or disappearing. To a woman, the sight of a comb or brush covered with lost hair can cause intense mental strain. H... 19th August 2009 Finding the Right Hair Color for You Hair color ideas are not stand alone thoughts and need to be combined with your skin tone and personality to give you the right match. Never copy someone else's hair color idea blindly as it just might be completely wrong for you. If you are coloring your... 13th August 2009 Tips to use a Hair Dryer Tips to use a Hair Dryer Currently when you straighten your hair with blow dryer and a round brush, were you be skeptical that whether the ionic hair dryers live up to their claim of drying hair faster, and healthier? Here are some advices you could ... 13th August 2009 Perfect Prom Hairstyles A large part of any girl's prom is the prom hairstyle she chooses. The most popular prom hairstyles are subject to change each year. This year feminine, wavy styles are popular, but edgy styles will also fit the bill. Communication is key when dealing ... 10th August 2009 What Shampoo Can Really Do For Hair Loss When faced with thinning hair or hair loss many individuals turn to hair care treatments like shampoos to help them with their condition. Depending on the type of hair loss being experienced and the degree of that hair loss, this decision can be an effect... 18th June 2009 Quickly Find Your Beautiful Prom Hairstyle Your 2009 Prom Hairstyle is just about the most important part of your prom regalia. Alongside a beautiful gown and some fancy jewels it's your hairstyle that says most about you.So you need a prom hairstyle for 2009 that makes a statement.And you have ... 18th June 2009 Culprit Behind Female Hair Loss Females always feel that they look more beautiful when they have a long hair. The reason being that the women can improve well on their hair do and make them look smarter. Some men may look bald on their head, but it is very rare finding the female losing... 12th June 2009 Eye Catching and Cool Curly Hairstyles When experimenting with different hairstyles, curly is always a great way to go. Those with naturally straight hair can achieve a curly look with a great haircut and a few different hair products, including a curling iron and a product that will hold the ... 12th June 2009