johnwells's Articles en-us photo printing, Personalized Gifting, and Photo sharing service The whole world is moving towards digital everything. We have eBooks, electronic forms and even electronic transactions and currency. We've been hearing several proclamations of print being dead and the promise of a paper less world. Still, when it comes ... 14th January 2010 3G Apple iPhone The new 3G Apple iphone is one of the hottest devices due to its beautiful and unique user interface. This gadget can be used for browsing the Internet, communication, or listening to music. It can also capture videos and images and can also be used to ma... 26th October 2009 Digital Cameras Photography — a creative art, an essential tool for some and a hobby for many others. Today, we have reached a stage where everyone should have a camera. Photography started with film cameras and they were always thought of as difficult devices to us... 20th August 2009 iPod: The Next Generation? There is no mistaking it, the iPod is a legend, the yard stick by which we compare all portable media players. When you hear phrases like "I just bought a Creative iPod, it's good, but not as good as the Apple one", you just know that, there's no mistakin... 15th August 2009 Nikon D90 Nikon's D90 is a young entrant. The D80 was known for its quality sensor and was a great mid-range dSLR. The D90 therefore has a lot to prove, especially considering its price. The D90 we received came along with an 18-105-mm VR lens, with a 6x optical... 04th August 2009