Rotunda's Articles en-us Surrogacy in India, Egg Donor Benefits, Motivation, Egg Donors Egg donation is one way to help infertile women or couples to start a family. For many couples, being infertile no longer means having to go through life without children. Modern science and continued research in this direction has helped millions of c... 17th November 2010 Infertility Treatment: Progesterone Progesterone is required for the success of early pregnancy. In a natural cycle progesterone is made by the corpus luteum (CL). If the CL is removed during the first 5 weeks after conception, the pregnancy will miscarry. By about 9 weeks' gestation, the l... 26th March 2010 Infertility - How to increase your chances of conceiving Lifestyle modification to tackle obesity, tobacco smoking and alcohol consumption, have been proposed as crucial in influencing the outcome of both natural and assisted conceptions. A recent statement released by the European Society of Human Reproduction... 25th March 2010 What is Assisted Reproductive Technology? Assisted reproductive technology is a large group of techniques and procedures which are designed to assist people with infertility who wish to have children. This field exploded in the 1970s, with the development of in vitro fertilization, and it becomes... 26th January 2010 What Are the Best Ways to Increase Fertility? Often when people set about to have a baby, particularly later in life, they discover that it is much more difficult than they anticipated. This is often because they have a reduced fertility, for any number of reasons. This does not necessarily mean they... 26th January 2010 Infertility Treatment - Gestational Carrier, Egg Donor Most gestational carriers are chosen by couples who are experiencing fertility issues. Depending on the issues experienced by the couple, the gestational carrier may carry an baby made from eggs and sperm donated by the couple, or outside donations of egg... 26th January 2010