ME Evangelist's Articles en-us Keywording Tips Feel overwhelmed by the amount of information you have to fill in for each of your uploaded works? Here are some keywording tips that will ease your workload and help to search-engine-optimize them, so they turn up when people are looking for your kind... 07th January 2010 Flood of royalty-free stock footage cheapening industry? Stock footage has always been used in productions, be it in film, television or commercials. In the past, they were bought under the rights-managed license, complying the usage within extensive considerations. Or if there is a preference not to spend mone... 19th May 2009 The Battle between Royalty-Free and Rights Managed You are torn, battling between selling your stock footage under the rights managed license (RM) or the royalty-free license (RF). You know RM is the trusty reliable license you can count on as it has been around since the concept of stock footage first ev... 19th May 2009 Beyond commercial uses – experimenting with stock footage The prevalence of stock footage may have stemmed from its low cost, but they are not just used for commercial purposes. In the 1920s, Russian filmmaker Lev Kuleshov assembled stock footage fragments together, as an experiment to illustrate the importance ... 19th May 2009 Five changes you should know about the stock footage industry Stock footage are so commonly used we do not notice them. From news to commercials, films to television programmes, stock footage are used everywhere in the media. Since its usage in the early twentieth century, one primary force drives its prevalence ---... 18th May 2009