Click For's Articles en-us Skin Moisturizing When it comes to skin care, moisturizing is usually one of the more popular, and though it's hard to believe, more controversial topics. Some experts swear by moisturizing as the best way to keep your skin youthful and healthy while others feel a bit more... 20th August 2009 Tips For Hairdressing When choosing your shampoo please look closely at the label. You should see all the materials and substances it was made of. The main thing shampoos consist of are detergents the surfactants that make foam show up when mixing with water and air. One pr... 20th August 2009 Spring Hairstyles You walk out the door and are bombarded by a swarming mass of onlookers. Click, click, click, is all you hear, and flashes are all you see from cameras snapping in every direction. Everywhere you walk heads turn and stare. Whispers of praise fill the air.... 16th July 2009 Hair Care For Colored Hair Throw away that over used hair gel that makes your locks crispy, crunchy, and terribly unnatural! Banish that mousse that gives your hair more body than a weight lifter! Today's top trends in hair care products focus on the natural and allow your hair to ... 16th July 2009