Chef Todd's Articles en-us Great Sauces Always Start With Roux Great sauces can save a badly cooked piece of chicken. However, a bad sauce will ruin the best cooked meal. Being able to consistently create flavorful and smooth sauces is one of the best skills to have in the home kitchen. When you can make a var... 29th November 2011 Cook Simply and Easily with Fresh Ingredients Delivered to Your Door Do you want to cook simply and still ensure that your kitchen is only producing healthy meals? Then you are going to love the idea that I'm going to share with you today. I just received my first produce box! This produce box is filled with healthy, fres... 15th November 2011 Learn How to Saute For Countless Quick Dinners When you know how to sauté, then you have power over your food choices. It’s quick, easy, and you can sauté almost anything! Most cookbooks concentrate on the list of ingredients and forget to tell you HOW to cook. When you can repeat one cooking met... 11th November 2011 Cutting Vegetables Blindfolded is Still Easier Cutting vegetables is so much easier when you don’t have to take out your chopper/dicer device. You might think that the electric gadget is quicker and easier than your standard chef’s knife, but you’d be wrong. Let’s have a race. Ready, go! Get you... 09th November 2011 The Canning How To on Barbeque Sauce These canning how-to tips came out of necessity. You see, I’ve been making my own barbeque sauce since I was a kid, but it caused conflict in my household. I loved using the sauce as a grilling marinade so I’d make gallons of my "New York Attitude" Ba... 19th September 2011 Whats the Best Way For Cooking Brown Rice? Cooking brown rice can be very confusing if you pay attention to a written recipe or package instructions. There’s more than one way to cook brown rice, just like there’s more than one way to cook chicken, beef, or vegetables. Brown rice is whole-grai... 10th August 2011 Dig Deep For The Best Clam Chowder and Stuffed Clams Clam digging is a tradition in my family. I grew up on the water, and had my own boat shortly after my first bicycle. It’s an activity that not only yields fantastic fresh ingredients for cooking, but a family activity that everyone enjoys. It’s one... 14th July 2011 Top 15 Fathers Day Presents From The Kitchen Fathers day presents from the kitchen are a great idea for the dad that cooks. Men and women cook differently. Men need gadgets, men like tools, and some of the best new dishes he’ll create may be because of the new device you’ve given him. Today, I’... 22nd June 2011 Grilling How To: New Ideas From Cleaning Your Grill to Non-Stick Fish I’m inspired to create this “Grilling How To” because outdoor cooking season is now upon us! It’s my favorite cooking time of the year, but before I actually get grilling, I’ll have to inspect my barbeque and decide whether it will survive another summer... 14th June 2011 How To Create a 6 Course French Dinner Without Recipes Would you break into a sweat if you had to create a 6 course French dinner for friends? Most people would, it can be intimidating cooking for other people. What makes this cooking stress even greater is trying to follow written recipes. Cooking is fu... 24th May 2011 9 Steps to Great Low Carb Cooking From Home You don’t need a written recipe to achieve great low carb cooking from home. One basic cooking method and the ingredients YOU desire are all it takes. Earlier this week, I showed you a low carb chicken recipe using sauté method. Today’s inspiration wi... 28th March 2011 A Quick Dinner Recipe Frees You From the Kitchen Faster Stir Fry is the best way to create your own quick dinner recipe using ingredients you have on hand. It’s also a great way to create healthy meals using fresh ingredients and free yourself from the kitchen faster than following a written recipe would ever... 01st March 2011 Seafood Paella is a Quick Easy Dinner Made in One Pan What is a quick easy dinner I can make in one pan? is a question most often asked of me. While I know the expected answer is a recipe, they’d be asking the wrong person for a recipe. I’ve been urging people to “Burn Your Recipes” through my online cooki... 14th February 2011 Spritz Cookies – It’s All In The Bagging! Spritz cookies are my favorite cookie at the holidays. I don’t make them any other time of the year, just as I don’t watch “A Christmas Carol” or “The Grinch” in July. These cookies bring back strong childhood memories for me, mostly of my Mom’s frustra... 04th January 2011 Salmon Gravlax Roses Make an Attractive Holiday Appetizer Gravlax Roses can make a simple and attractive holiday appetizer from dry-cured salmon. Whether you cure the salmon yourself, or just purchase it, my simple procedure can be the focus of a fancy appetizer selection that only you know was quite simple. ... 26th November 2010 Cook Green Beans in Advance and Keep Their Vitamins Intact When you cook green beans this holiday season, will you open a can of condensed soup and let the beans bake for hours? Most people do. Baking vegetables over a long period of time reduces their nutrient value. Plus, if you are trying to have a stress... 22nd November 2010 Brining Turkey is Better Than Burning Down Your House. Brining turkey is my favorite way to prepare my holiday turkey. People’s biggest fear is that their turkey will be dry after cooking it. This is a reasonable fear, because “roasting” is a dry-heat convective cooking process. When roasted, your turkey i... 26th October 2010 Apple Squash Soup Even YOU Can Make Right Now! An Apple Squash Soup is very easy to create, even without a recipe, if you know a few basic cooking methods. It can be difficult to identify some of those colorful squash at the market. If you don’t know what type of squash you’ve bought, it’s really to... 30th September 2010 Does Your Grilling Marinade Have These 3 Simple Elements? A grilling marinade is a very simple way to add flavor and moisture to grilled items. If you follow these basic rules, you'll be able to create a long list of unique combinations of ingredients and invent your own grilling marinade. Any grilling marin... 13th September 2010 Corn On The Cob: How to Cook It Right Cook corn on the cob and you've got a uniquely summer time treat. Fresh corn from the field brushed with melted butter is a strong child-food memory for me, and can be one for your children as well. If you're lucky enough to get some fresh corn on the c... 17th August 2010 5 Simple Steps to Cook Healthy Nutritious Food Every night when you go home, you have to make a decision about what to have for dinner. For the most part, we would like to eat nutritious food, but many of us didn't grow up learning how to cook healthy meals. If you're watching your health, eating out ... 13th July 2010 Why Eating Healthy Food is Easy with Paris Cuisine Since I've been on my Paris tour, I've discovered that eating healthy food is much easier than I imagined with Paris cuisine. I'm also noticing that everything I've eaten tastes incredibly good, so fresh, amazingly flavorful without being overly filling. ... 22nd June 2010 Why Does This Chef Want You To Know His Chef Secrets? Whether you take cooking classes in person or from an online course, it's important to understand the significance of the chef's knife. In fact, one of the 5 Chef Secrets that professionals use to create amazing meals at home and on the job is the use of ... 13th May 2010 What To Do After You’ve Discovered Your Recipe Book is Lying to You Let's say that you are depending on a teacher or a mentor…someone you trust. What would happen if you found out that they're not telling the truth, or at least, they aren't telling you the whole truth? If you're depending on a book to teach you a new ki... 20th April 2010 Are You Cooking Meals from a Broken Cookbook "Burn your recipes!" If you've been following me for any amount of time now, you've heard me utter that statement time and time again. It's not that I'm entirely against using recipes for home cooking, it's more because I see cooking meals as a personal a... 16th April 2010