myindiaguide's Articles en-us Tom cruise & Katie Holmes comaptibility The horoscopes and birthcharts of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes predict about the future of their marriage. The marriage of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise is a tabloid writer's dream. Whether it's a romantic fairytale or cultish nightmare, public fascination o... 10th June 2009 Oprah Winfrey & Astrology Oprah Winfrey is a world famous personality. Her success like anyone else's has been attributed to the position of stars in her horoscope. Astrology has its own ways of taking hold on a person's life. Mercury rules communication and the sharing of ideas. ... 02nd June 2009 Daniel Craig & his Stars Daniel Craig is not a new name to remember, he has become a world renowned figure in a short span of time. Daniel Craig is the new James BondPisces represents a little bit of all of them, enabling many members of the Fish clan to play a variety of roles. ... 29th May 2009 Jessica Alba : know about her stars Of the many beautiful faces in Hollywood, few have struck as loud a note in the past few years as Jessica Alba. The young actress brings a fresh new look that's excited fans and turned her from a television star into a leading lady in films. Jessica is a ... 18th May 2009 Beyonce and her sun sing Virgo Beyonce is not a new name for anyone. She has been in news for many reasons lately. Nobody does sexy as innocently as Beyonce Knowles. Her physical heat is contained in such a cool way that she’s been able to appeal to an extremely wide audience. He... 18th May 2009